Latest Star Wars: Battlefront Review

19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Arstechnica is the latest site to post up a review of Star Wars: Battlefront. They gave it a total of 6/10 which is not a bad score. Here's a little snippet from this very long review: [quote]You’re also reminded at every turn that this is a Star Wars game. The familiar John Williams music blasts at you from everywhere, and the sound effects are perfectly recreated from the movies. With Star Wars it’s always seemed to me that the sound is almost more important than the visuals. After the movies and the other games we know exactly what a blaster sounds like, we know how a lightsaber should sound, we know what music plays when. All these little details put you square into the Star Wars mood, and they’re all recreated perfectly here. [/quote] Head to Arstechnica to check out more from this review if you want to.

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