Mod Behind-the-Scenes #1

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Published by Maveritchell 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Welcome to the very first installment of "Mod Behind-the-Scenes!" Hopefully this'll be the start of something really fun. The first Mod Behind-the-Scenes will focus on an upcoming mod the likes of which have never been released to BFFiles - ever. In fact, I only know of one map like it to have ever been made. What is this map, you ask? This is [b]Spira: Besaid.[/b] Spira will be not a conquest map, not an assault map, not even something like a racing map. Spira is an RPG map. [b]Mod Behind the Scenes #1: Spira: Besaid, by Maveritchell[/b] [i]Introduction:[/i] Anyone that's played Final Fantasy 10 should be familiar with Besaid - It's the first island you visit in Spira, and home to some of the main characters. Besaid is a small, tropical island from where Tidus & Co.'s journey begins. I'd like to bring that particular setting to life in Battlefront 2, as not only is Final Fantasy 10 one of my favorite games, but because it lends itself so well to an RPG. Whether or not you've played any Final Fantasy, this map should be enjoyable if you like RPGs at all. [i]Features:[/i] Spira is a complete RPG - a full game-in-a-game. What will this mean, featurewise? 1) Leveling up - as you defeat enemies (bosses and regular monsters, both) or complete objectives, you will recieve experience. Recieve enough experience and you'll level up - your stats as a character increase and you will occasionally learn new moves. 2) Objectives and Puzzles - there will be many storyline objectives you have to meet for the story to proceed. No simple killing to win here. Sometimes you'll have to solve a mystery, other times you might have to find missing objects, and sometimes you'll have to beat interactive puzzles, things like you might find in a Zelda game. 3) New music - no standard Star Wars music here. You'll get to listen to actual Final Fantasy music including the battle theme, Tidus's theme, and the Zanarkand theme. Additionally, there's a certain jingle I'm sure Final Fantasy fans will recognize whenever you beat the game... 4) Multiple playable party members - Tidus, the main character, isn't the only character you can control. You'll be able to control the summoner and white mage Yuna, the ranged character Wakka, and maybe a special character you'll have to discover later in the game. 5) Sidequests - of course there's not just the mission you must beat. In Spira you'll find a number of people who need your help with smaller things, things that don't necessarily advance the story, but certainly things that will net you a reward. [i]Author Commentary[/i] (This'll be a little different in weeks to come, because this week the author is me.) This map is the culmanation of basically everything I've learned in about 2 years of modding. Everything from mission scripting to music, from modeling to mapping, is in here. I'd like to think that with this I've pushed the limits of what Battlefront can be as a game, and hopefully that'll be represented in the final product. Progress-wise, this map is well along but certainly still has a ways to go. For a long time I've been done with the actual mapping and sides creation, but the scripting of the map (in addition to smaller story aspects) is still far from complete. I'd like to say that this'll come out in the next few months, but there's no way I can say exactly when. [i]Gametoast Work-in-Progress Thread Link:[/i] (This is so you can see all of my updates, remember to go to the last page.) [url][/url] [i]Link to Discussion Thread in FF Forums:[/i] (Discuss with the author about the mod) [url][/url] There will be a related poll concerning what aspects of an RPG you see as most important. Is there anything else you want to see in the "Mod Behind-the-Scenes" features? Let me know! (You may wonder why I chose to do one of my own first: It was simply easier for me to get this up and running with something about which I knew everything. I didn't have to track down an author and work stuff out for this one.)
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