Multiplayer returns to Star Wars: Battlefront 2004 on Steam

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Good news for fans of the original Star Wars: Battlefront, as multiplayer support for the Steam version finally returns to the game since GameSpy closed down in 2014, thanks to a new update that re-enables the feature using the Steam platform. The game initially released back in 2004 but is still hugely popular with fans. 

Its multiplayer component hadn't worked since 2014, when the GameSpy service it relied on shut down, however - a considerable disadvantage in a multiplayer-focused game. Mods existed to get around the issue, but it just wasn't very accessible or easy to set up. Finally, true multiplayer support has returned to the Steam version, which now uses Steam's API's to replace those of the now-defunct GameSpy. 

It came as something of a surprise; the game hasn't had an update for some time. The update also adds new languages, including French, German and Spanish, and surprisingly also improves audio options and addresses issues with larger screen resolutions and screen sizes.

There are some drawbacks, though; players are reporting the game is now locked to 30FPS by default, although this can be disabled. More interestingly, the draw distance has also been nerfed, and so far, there's no known workaround to fix this.

Still, players can now rejoice in the return of one of the best multiplayer modes in the history of Star Wars gaming, and even better, both the Steam and GOG version support crossplay, so everybody can get in on the action. 

The timing seems perfect given tomorrow's date - May the 4th be with you!


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