Mustafar Map Too? Wow!

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Published by CloneWarrior90 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Lord Bandu is making yet another cool Episode III map! Greetings, Star Wars Battlefront viewers, I hope you got your popcorn done, because this will blow you away. :P Thanks for a useful tip by one of our members, I came across a new map in development, that will certainly heat things up in Star Wars Battlefront (The first one that is...well duh). Mustafar, you know, that place that is totally covered with volcanic activity. :P Whew, this is hot, I feel the sweat already. :P Yeah, that's right, you heard me, Mustafar! I am sure some of you know of this map already, but for those who don't, and usually visit Star Wars Battlefront files before anything else, I present this news to you. Screenshots will be up soon, I'll guarentee that. (Did I spell that right? :P) Everyone here, yes everyone, probably agrees with me, that this map totally :rock:. CloneWarrior90, Star Wars Battlefront Files News Poster.
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