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Published by Maveritchell 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
I'd like to try something new. Many times, the community here at SWBFFiles gets to see the "end products" of mods, but many times they don't get to see the process taking place for mods. I feel that this has a lot to do with the fact that BFFiles is and always will be a site where only finished mods are featured. [i]However[/i] - I will be starting a new feature here on BFFiles that will integrate the BFFiles forums, the BFFiles poll, and the BFFiles news function. What I propose to do is to (every couple of weeks) introduce a new large-scale map or mod work in progress. Beforehand, you could only see these by viewing the WIP threads at, however now, you will get to see a full presentation of what a mod is going to be, where it currently is, and what it still has left to do. I would like to use this to incorporate the BF2 community here into a little bit of the "Behind-the-scenes" aspect of modding. Expect this to be where the poll function comes into play - for every new "Behind-the-Scenes" update, I will try to work with the author of the mod to give everyone here some user input into the work-in-progress. So what will you see in the "Mod Behind-the-Scenes?" -Detailed description of the map/mod -Pictures of the map/mod -Author commentary/progress update -Link to the WIP topic at Gametoast, so you can view the progress real-time -Link to a discussion thread on FF forums, where (pending author approval) you will be able to talk with the author about the upcoming mod. Is there anything else you want to see in a "Mod Behind-the-Scenes?" Well, you better let me know quickly - the first "Mod Behind-the-Scenes" is coming to you later today, December 03. -Maveritchell
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