New Screenshots from KingGuru's Upcoming Tatooine Map Mod!

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Published by AndrewD 16 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
Hello once again! Yes thats right, another update from KingGuru. This time its an update on his upcoming Tatooine Map Modification! Lets see what he had to say:
Still in the works but since most agree the map is too close together with everything I have modded The dune maps to have: More Spawn Point for Tuskan Raiders (now you wil most likely have to team up with the enemy faction to keep posts and kill the angry natives.) Tusken Raiders will now actively pursue command posts on the entire map. There are now over 30 Sarlac Pits (which will be trimmed to under 10 at release) and each one has has its idle time removed. Meaning all pits will be constantly attacking. The boundries are removed , and an additional flying vehicle spawns for each faction. In the end release of the mod I may move the single sarlac pit far off into the distance as many have requested. Some tops of mountain peak are now removed and tents, moisture farms or small tents have been placed to show more locals living there. Please leave feedback on how YOU think the Tatooine Dune Sea Map Mod should be released... All suggestions will be taken into consideration as well as pre-release testing for a few of you.
Well, this will certainly add a twist to the gameplay, especially with the new armor! Check out that A-Wing! Anyways, great job KingGuru, keep up the great work and dont hesitate to release the mod :) Also, check out KingGuru's Mod Website. Lookin' pretty sweet. Stay tuned!
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