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Published by Maveritchell 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hey there, SWBFFilers! (For those of you who don't feel like hearing any rationale, skip ahead to the last paragraph - that's where the news is.) Just to let you know the state of things concerning the older and quieter of the two Battlefront siblings - SWBF1. Over the past month or two, we've had a larger influx of SWBF1 files than normal. While this is fantastic for those of you that still play SWBF1, this puts me in somewhat of an odd position. I personally love to see new files come in, but at the same time I don't actually [b]have[/b] SWBF1 and feel rather ill-equipped to review the files. My personal policy in the past has been this - I wait, let the members of our staff who do own SWBF1 take the files, and if no one does, I submit a "review" of my own just to get the file posted. I don't like having to do the reviews myself (although you will see that I've done a lot of them) simply because I don't feel this is fair to the SWBF1 file posters - I'm sure they want to receive a detailed review as much as I do when I submit a file for SWBF2. This right now has gotten to a point where it is unacceptable, I feel. My personal policy on files is to not make any file wait longer than two days to be uploaded - any longer is pretty unfair to the file's author. This policy has been broken the past couple of weeks as I waited to let the staff members who own SWBF1 upload these files - to no avail, as I had to upload them with only a cursory review anyway. What this told me is that we obviously need a dedicated SWBF1 staff member to make sure that all of our SWBF1 files get uploaded in a prompt manner. With that said, I'm pleased to announce that user [b]ggctuk[/b] has been added to our staff as a dedicated SWBF1 file poster! He's active in the SWBF1 modding community and on this site; you'll see that he's uploaded a [url=;16153]few mods here[/url], including a large-scale sides mod. So everyone give a warm welcome to ggctuk, I'm sure he'll be a great asset to the site! -Mav
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