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By Penguin_Unit 16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The only way people will hear is if I do this. I have only two things to say here. PLEASE, stop multi-submitting PotDs. I am entirely disappointed to come on here and find that only one new PotD was added over night, of bad quality, and submitted five times in a row, with the same caption. I'm not referring to any PotD in particular, but I want this to stop now. We've been getting on average about one PotD submission a day this last week, and I am not liking the results of this. PLEASE, submit better things. I know that a good PotD is only one's opinion, but I would really appreciate if people stopped sending things COMPLETELY unrelated to SWBF, 2-second-take-at-startup-nothing-happening shots, and other boring things that will get a 3- rating. You can still send them, but I am unlikely to put up a low quality picture, unless it makes up for it with something else. Glory shots might be validated, I will only pick certain ones, if they're good enough, or the community might get upset. We don't want a mutiny, do we? Please keep these suggestions in mind when submitting. I try to keep in mind how the community will possibly react, even though I cannot please everyone. But this last week or so has left me no choice with what kind of pictures to upload. I wish you all could see the queue right now, because that would show you guys how I have to deal with all this. Now, don't start getting sympathetic. I just wrote this to let you know I would appreciate more good PotDs being sent in. I will still take them from staff members, but I'm not about to pick favorites for submission. ~Penguin Unit~

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