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First let me quote myself twice from two different threads: [quote]Well, I came up with the idea to make a mod called Saga Battles, where the battles are just like the movies or very similar. Obviously, the idea also came from me because of my Naboo: Ouch Time! map, which is almost a replica of the batlle in TPM. I talked to Lord Bandu one day, but he didn't want to because of SWBF 2's near release. But, I really think this idea would be cool. When SWBF 2 is released, we could move over to that. So, who's with me? I can assemble the forums. I need staff members and MANY mappers. But, there are requirements to joining this mod: * You must have mapping experience (must have released a map or be very close to doing so). * You must make the battle similar to the movie (any battle of the movie), extremely similar. So similar, that you couldn't do something like add Imperial Phase II Dark Troopers to Endor or Hoth. * You must be willing to have every vehicle, weapon, and soldier name be correct (as they should be). I mean, like my maps. The localization files can be sent to me and I can do it. * You must be a fluent English speaker/writer. We don't need any mis-communication here. Well, that's about it. Tell me what you all think. It's kinda stupid, but if we work together, it could be great. - Majin Revan[/quote] And now, the next quote: [quote]Well, Saga Battles Mod has officially started, and we have our own forums too. Here is a link to the forums: Please join (if you meet the requirements) or help us. Also, please register at that above link. Thank you. - Majin Revan[/quote] So, you read it all right, there is a new mod in town, Saga Battles Mod. Please read all of the requirments and hopefully you can join or support us! Thanks! - Majin Revan
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