Star Wars: Battlefront 2 News & Infomation Roundup- **Update**

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Well, I just wanted to do a roundup all of the information and news about Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Some people were getting confused. This organizes all of the significant news. Visit all of these links for the full scoop on Star Wars: Battlefront 2:

Two E3 2005 IGN Preview Videos (2 Videos):

E3 2005 IGN Preview Article:

IGN Hands-On:

Gamespy Preview Article:

Gamespot Preview Videos (3 Videos):

Lucas Arts SWBF II Official Website Current News:

E3 2005 Insider Floored Video:

Game Trailers GTTV E3 2005 Coverage of Lucas Arts: (SWBF II appears eventually.)

Gamecloud Preview:

Worthplaying Preview:

I hope you all are as excited as I am for this game. In my opinion, it is going to rock!

- Majin Revan

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