Star Wars Battlefront Files Hosts Two *Exclusive* Maps AND a new Interview!

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Published by AndrewD 17 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
That's right folks! Tonight, at Star Wars Battlefront Files, we got the pleasure to speak with a talented community mapper by the name of [b]Lag Machine[/b], about what it takes to be a mapper, and what kind of things to expect from the SDK. On the same note, we have two Star Wars Battlefront Files Exclusive Maps for you to download, hosted ONLY HERE! So check out the interview, and then go download the maps! [b]Interview -[/b] [quote] Hey there all you fans in the SWBF Community! Welcome to the first exclusive map / mod interview on SWBFFiles! Today, we get a chance to interview a community mapper who has dedicated plenty of time and effort into several new maps. Today, we will discuss the time and dedication that goes into making a map for Star Wars Battlefront. So, I would first like to introduce Francis, or..."Lag Machine". How did you get involved in the Star Wars community Lag? [b]Lag-[/b] - Hello! Well first I went on lucasart forum mod tool and find a lot of help for making my first map and then when my first map came out I got a lot of ''demand'' :) My friend Lord Bandu help me to develop my map [b]Andrew -[/b] Sounds great! So what inspired you to mod for Star Wars Battlefront? What kind of capabilities attracted you to it's engine? [b]Lag -[/b] Well, the complexity of the SDK. [b]Andrew -[/b] So the SDK is the attraction. Can you tell us the difficulty involved in making a map? What sort of skills are involved in creating a map for SWBF? [b]Lag -[/b] The bigest skill that you need is ''patience'' because it take a long time to build and if one thing is not at the right place the map will not work. So the sdk is pretty frustrating. [b]Andrew -[/b] Understandable. So with the current tools that are provided, do you think that the community is going to continue to expand? [b]Lag -[/b] Yes of course and their a mod that is gonna be ?awesome?.The name is Expanded Universe.This mod will give a boost to the community. But we need modders because we are limited in objects and vehicles. [b]Andrew -[/b] Indeed. I also agree that the modding community will be boosted once larger projects commence. So still on the subject of the SDK, what do you say to the newer modders out there? Are the tools "User Friendly"? [b]Lag -[/b] No not really but their documentation to help and the commuty can help to. But once you have understand the basic of the SDK, Yyu can edit map [b]Andrew -[/b] Sounds fairly easy to get by! So, we have to close out now, but before we go, do you have anything you want to say to the community, regarding modding, or anything else? [b]Lag -[/b] YES, keep modding and dont be scared to ask for help, we can help you...and [b]=km=[/b] rules LOL! [b]Andrew -[/b] Thank you so much for your time, as well as the exclusive maps! Keep up the great work! [/quote] So people! Now you know the life of a mapper, now head over and download these two [b]exclusive[/b] maps, made directly by Lag Machine himself! Here are the links: [b]*Note* - To all competitors and other sites: This map is held under the ownership of Lag Machine and Star Wars Battlefront. We please ask that all sites refrain from hosting this map on their site. This request comes from not only Lag Machine, but also the staff of Star Wars Battlefront Files. Thanks![/b] [b]*Note #2* - Visitors, there was a slight error with the release of the other map tonight. Conclusivly, we will release the second exclusive map tommorow. There will be a news post made :) This will just get you more hyped up. Enjoy the AT-TE map, and look forward to tommorow's release. Thanks![/b] So head over to those now and download them, you won't be dissapointed! See you on the Battlefront Folks!
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