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Published by AndrewD 15 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Note, this is from our page on the site. To visit the hosting page, click here. Are you creating a mod? Are you a hardcore mapper, modeler or skinner? Do you need a place to call home? Well would love to be your home!!! INTRODUCING our Hosting Service, where you can host your own website dedicated to your mod or impressive collection of maps, models or skins, for FREE!!! Here is what you get:
  • Unlimited Space and Bandwidth (fair use).
  • No ads required at the moment, this MIGHT change in the future but is not likely.
  • subdomain of your choice, or your own domain name if you have one.
  • A Link in's left menu.
  • CGI supported
  • PHP supported
  • MySQL Database(s) on request
  • POP3 Accounts on request
With AndrewD, the Site Manager's permission, team leader has access to's Files and News section to post Files and News directly! In return, here's what we ask: You must have a "hosted by" button on your site on every page. You can use our button or it can be of your own creation (example: You will get this in the left hand menu) The site has to be done or almost done before you can apply for hosting. This is so we don't end up hosting a site that is under construction for 3 months and then canned, as has happened in the past. So basically we only host serious mods / mappers / modelers / skinners. For all your Files / Downloads that are bigger than 400 KB, have it added to and link to the appropriate page instead of hosting the file in your webspace. So if you're interested, please contact AndrewD to begin the interrogation process Please make sure you answer all of these questions in your email to me:
  • Desired Subdomain: (http://?????
  • Mod Name:
  • Mod Webpage:
  • Mod Leader's Name:
  • Mod Leader's Email:
  • Perl / CGI support needed?:
  • Frontpage Extensions needed?:
  • Any Additional comment that you think i need to know to make my decision:
Any E-Mails not answering these will be ignored, I keep getting emails saying "Host us Please, please Respond" and that tells me nothing about your mod at all. So take your time, it only benifits you...
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