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Published by Ronnie 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
I used to love playing soldiers, either with plastic army men, or with friends. Hell, I sometimes even played on my own, pretending everybody else was my enemy, and secretly (and silently) gunning them down. Imagination when you are young is a wonderful thing. Of course, back in my youth that was the only way to live out my one-man army fantasy. These days you can go for the paintball experience, and actually play for real, but with the added bonus of potentially getting hurt, too. Hurrah for modern recreational entertainment. Not liking pain, however, has meant that until a couple of years ago I didn't have the opportunity to play war; not until the company everybody loves to hate (that's EA for those not in the know) published Battlefield 1942. It was a game that allowed you to play war; allowing you to see if one man could make a difference. And you got to control tanks and planes, too, in either offline or online modes, playing with other real people without any fear of pain. Hats off to EA! Still, the Battlefield series was restricted to PC only, and so console gamers were left out. Plus, the World War 2 setting was already getting stale. It was a very good game nonetheless, and opened the way for other publishers. Fast-forward to last year, then, and up popped Lucasarts with Star Wars: Battlefront for the PC, PS2 and Xbox. In an industry that really lives up to the old adage that copying is the highest form of flattery, Battlefront was Battlefield 1942 but in the Star Wars universe. Even the names weren't that different. That didn't stop it from being a good game in its own right, however, and the fact that it contained troop-types you'd seen on the silver screen, plus allowed combat in various traditional and new Star Wars craft meant that Joe Public and his wife lapped it up. Read the full article [url="http://www.pro-g.co.uk/previews/pid/676/81/"]here[/url]
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