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By AndrewD 19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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I have done a small review on the new map included in the 1.11 patch, properly known as [b]Jabba's Palace[/b], which takes place on Tatooine. Now, while LucasArts was a bit late with the delivery, what they delivered was certainly worth the wait ;) Let me start by saying that when I entered the map, I instanly felt enclosed, trapped, and ready for a very instense battle. Immediatly, you realize that the utilization of the dungeon-like enviroment went to great useage. Battles quickly break out, and I am surrounded by explosions, plasma, and these weird looking robots that are being help by a machine of some sorts. Good luck to them, it seems as though I will be lucky to make it out of this battle alive. Everything is happening at once, and it truely feels like a real Star Wars battle. Moving on, you recognize the one and only Jabba the Hut. Sitting on his platform, seemingly unharmable (well technically, you can't kill him), but that's not the point. It's so cool to see him in the game, it just adds to that atmosphere I recently explained. Everything happens at just the right moment, and you capture some really good screenshots. Which, well, you will see in a moment. The level consists of 3 or 4 different key spots, accordingly, the temple itself, the 4th floor (the basement, where the rancor is held), the trophy room, and Jaba's platform. The battles take place in tight spots, and alot of them take place on stairs. Oh, yes, the stairs. There are alot of them. Twisting and winding, it's quite easy to get lost, however, it adds to that tactical feel of the level. Believe me, you are going to rack up the kills on this level. The enemies never seem to stop coming until it's dead over. You will never get bored with all the different places to explore, and the tight corridors that make for quick and hot battles. The graphics in the level are quite awesome as well. There are all sorts of eye candy, from the weapons and trophies on the wall, to the baskets and sparkeling water ponds in the basement. All of it adds to the specifics of the level, and makes an even more detailed enviroment. Like I said before, just like in the movies :) Overall, the level has been well done, and well prepared. I give it a [b]9.2/10[/b] The extra time spent was well taken, and I think that everyone is going to enjoy this level for days to come. Hope you liked the review, see you later! [b]AndrewD[/b] - SWBFFiles.com Site Administrator

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