SWBFFiles Map Contest: Voting (Round 2!)

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Published by Maveritchell 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey SWBFFilers!

We're moving on to round two of the voting in our Map Contest, and there are a couple of big announcements.

First - After a lengthy discussion with staff as well as the author of the map, we've decided to dis-qualify "Tatooine: Showdown" on the grounds that it is not a "completely urban" map. This decision is final. This means that the six maps moving on to the next round of competition will be the top six, not including "Tatooine: Showdown."

Second - Due to the fact that we, as staff, have some suspicions that shady voting is going on, I'm going to revamp the way voting works for round two. This is important - all votes must be sent TO ME using the SWBFFiles mailform using the format listed below.

That aside, your six finalists for the Map Contest are: Santa's Village, Torvik: Sunken City, Urban Map, War-Torn Village, Naboo: Urban Street Fight, and Neve Harbor.


And then here's how I want you to vote.

You will first need to click on this link: VOTE NOW!

In that mailform, give your e-mail the title "SWBFFiles Map Vote." If that is not your e-mail title, your vote will not be counted! This is very important, so to reiterate: This must be your e-mail's header, or else your vote will be dismissed. It is very important to get this right.

Then, in the body of your message, include this and only this:

1) First-place map vote 2) Second-place map vote 3) Third-place map vote

I will use a sliding scale to give points based on each place. Winners will be tabulated by point total and not by simple number of first-place votes.

So make sure to get those votes in, and please make sure to play through each of the six maps before you vote. While I can understand it might have been difficult to play through all the maps before, it is very important to play through all of them now (especially since there are fewer than before). And don't be afraid to change your vote if you think a new one is better!

So go ahead and get those votes in! Voting ends on Sunday, December 27.

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