TAW Clan Hosting ModFest Jan-22! Plus, brand new map - pack! Take a look!

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Published by AndrewD 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
That's right folks, there will be a community event held with the new maps from the recently released map-pack! Here are the details:
We would like to invite everyone to participate in ModFest. The custom map makers have made many good custom maps, but currently they aren't being played on servers. To help get more play on custom maps, we are having ModFest. To make it easy for players to have the required maps, we have assembled a package of maps that we think will be fun to play. If you install MapPack1 you will be good to go on TAW servers and hopefully others as well. TAW will be running at least 2 servers with the custom maps in the "SW Battlefront Map Pack 1.0". We are hoping to have 3 or 4 dedicated machines. We will have servers running 1.11 and 1.2. ModFest: When: Saturday Jan 22, Noon-3pm Pacific time (we will likey run servers all day) Where: Star Wars Battlefront Internet Servers, Game servers beginning with the "#" character like: #1_TAWSITE.COM Public Teamspeak Server modfest.hopto.org What: The SWBF community is encouraged to serve and play custom maps. "SW Battlefront Map Pack 1.0" This map pack is available at: http://www.chaoswolf.net/SWBattlefrontMapPack1.zip and ftp://modfest.hopto.org/pub/SWBattlefrontMapPack1.zip We will post more download sites as they become available. After unzipping, make sure your folder structure looks like this: http://www.speakeasy.org/~farnham/images/mod_folders.jpg Here are the maps and versions in "SW Battlefront Map Pack 1.0". Eddie's Dantooine v1.0, Eddie's DeathStar v1.0 & Eddie's Tynna v1.0 Big Hoth Map v.2.1 by Dragonum Rend's Jundland (Final) v2.5 Imperial Ground Assault v0.9 by Lord_Bandu Seenland (aka Lakeland) (Final) by Khabarakh Gamorrean Camp v1.1 by AnTeevY
So, if you haven't got the map pack yet, click here to download it directly off our site! See you at the modfest on the 22nd!
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