The Swarm War Mod- Recruiting

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[quote]I just finished reading the last Dark Nest book. I loved it! The Swarm War between the Chiss and the Killiks was certainly short, but it was ferocious and filled with casualties! I now want to make another mod along with my Rise of the Empire mod. This mod will enable players to fight in the Swarm War as either the Chiss Ascendancy or the Killiks. Now, there are two problems. One problem is that we don't have tools yet! The other problem is that I need modellers for this mod. Lots of experienced modellers who have made models for SWBF and got them in game. I need certain models like the Chiss AirStraeker, Chiss Armored Personnel Carrier, and [i]Nssis[/i]-class Clawcraft. Killiks are needed too! Tell me what you all think and please join! - Majin Revan[/quote] The above quote is what I posted at Game Toast. I am going to be working on this as well as my Rise of the Empire Mod. Go here for details: Thanks! - Majin Revan
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