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If you were a soldier in Star Wars, what role would you like to fill?

Commando - Army? What army? You're all the army you need. 40.4% (485)
Pilot - take to the skies in your starfighter and vape some bogeys. 18.7% (225)
Field commander - Stay close to the action... but not too close. 18% (217)
Basic grunt - get in, get out... try not to get shot. 10% (120)
Vehicle driver - nothing says 'I'm not kidding around' like a good tank 6.5% (78)
Other - mention below 6.1% (74)
Total: 1199
Start: 08-01-2008 23:29
Last: 08-09-2008 20:54

 #1 - Posted by: Conor25 (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 00:58

I would like to be a special commando who can fly and drive!

 #2 - Posted by: bfkdarthrevan (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 01:14

Hmm I'd pick either a special forces trooper like the clone shadowtrooper, a bounty hunter or maybe an ARC, then you're an army on your own.

 #3 - Posted by: Battle_Droid (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 01:21

Sniper or E-WEB trooper....what? i swear i saw an army through all those shots.......

 #4 - Posted by: unit106 (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 04:40

commandos rock!!! they get better weapons, guidance, equipment, and people come to get you if you get shot instead of your grunt counterpart

 #5 - Posted by: A_L_I_E_N (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 04:50

I would be an admiral. Because my brain has more power than common grunts and so on. :lol:

 #6 - Posted by: LeaNikkaya (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 05:46

I'm a Republic Commando fan. need i say more? :p

 #7 - Posted by: SomerandomHobo (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 06:38

Other- I would be a sniper, I would kill enimes from afar, helping out my team without the constant worry of being hit.

 #8 - Posted by: jomomadude35 (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 08:43

i would just wanna be a grun.... just a simple trooper fighting.....

 #9 - Posted by: TiberiousKirk (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 09:12

I choose other, After all the Emperor is in the Chain of Command.

 #10 - lol cammando - Posted by: Error2 (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 09:17

commando odvisley its best and who would be a grunt??:confused::donut::beer:

 #11 - Posted by: Fluffy_the_RC (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 09:28

Commando. My user means "Fluffy the Republic Commando".

 #12 - Posted by: labj (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 10:42

An sky trooper

 #13 - Posted by: DudsBro (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 11:11

"Sniper or E-WEB trooper....what? i swear i saw an army through all those shots......." hahaha, nice one. had to go with pilot....just bomb the fild commander...blame it on your wingmate, and take command.

 #14 - Posted by: Corr (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 15:15

Sniper---that's the way to go, people!! :)

 #15 - Posted by: Kamon067 (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 16:09

Pilot. Nothings better than to blow stuff out of the sky! :donut:

 #16 - Posted by: Darth_Palpatine (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 18:28

jedi knight. I think it classifies as a soldier (like in the clone wars). Just use your lightsaber to slice the opponents into oblivion. and use force to kill stuff that can't be killed with lightsabers.

 #17 - Posted by: Sully818 (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 19:02

funny thing is, is that odds are that if any1 here got shipped off to geonosis, or some other star wars planet, none of u would go commando

 #18 - Posted by: _Nameless_one_ (Member) on 08-02-2008 at 19:06

Sniper or tank driver - far from danger, yet still doing a hell of a lot of damage.

 #19 - Posted by: Canderis (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 08:22

other: shotgun man go in blow off some heads and get out

 #20 - Posted by: Commander_Fordo (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 08:42

Clone Assasin - Find, eliminate, go home ;p

 #21 - Posted by: MasterFang (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 12:50

I think I would be a sniper mercenary. I would have the freedom of a regular person, but fight for money and honor. I would work for the army who paid the most :mepimp:.

 #22 - Posted by: caleb1117 (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 18:38

Berserker - Take as many with you as you can.

 #23 - Other - Posted by: bhmn (Member) on 08-03-2008 at 20:05

Other - I'd be dark lord of the sith lol :P

 #24 - Commando! - Posted by: bogdandrei10 (Member) on 08-04-2008 at 03:12

Commando FTW!

 #25 - Posted by: Anakin12 (Member) on 08-04-2008 at 11:07

Jedi Hero:Anakin Skywalker

 #26 - Posted by: DarthHK (Member) on 08-04-2008 at 13:47

Grunt. DC-15 is my favorite gun. :D

 #27 - Posted by: Silver_Foxx (Member) on 08-04-2008 at 18:01

F** yeah!...really good poll....probably just a basic unit...or trasport...commando is a hell of responsability :P

 #28 - Posted by: Gold_Leader (Member) on 08-04-2008 at 22:58

Vehicle driver! Ya baby! So if anyone gets in my way, they'll be sorry!

 #29 - Posted by: maxie1994 (Member) on 08-05-2008 at 01:52

A Jedi that would be best.

 #30 - Posted by: masterfa (Member) on 08-05-2008 at 02:00

commando is the best :rock:

 #31 - Posted by: DarkJediWatson (Member) on 08-05-2008 at 02:09

Other: Death star commander :rock::rock: Beat that! :beer:

 #32 - Posted by: Wasabeee (Member) on 08-05-2008 at 03:31

Bounty Hunter I'd be my own boss

 #33 - Posted by: negah (Member) on 08-05-2008 at 05:12

id be a Hutt HO-HO-HO the one who commands all the bounty hunters out there and who can bribe some field commanders HO-HO-HO

 #34 - Posted by: Lord_Ed (Member) on 08-06-2008 at 07:26

A commando.. Advanced Recon Commando, that is.

 #35 - Posted by: TheShroudedSun (Member) on 08-06-2008 at 08:05

I'd be the one destroying droids with a bunch of mines and rockets....:D :rock:

 #36 - Posted by: Raltaran (Member) on 08-07-2008 at 03:30

other: pacifist

 #37 - Posted by: IcePure (Member) on 08-07-2008 at 07:26

Other: Deserter :D

 #38 - Posted by: Capt332 (Member) on 08-07-2008 at 09:38

Is field commander like the commanders such as Bly and Bacara? If so, i would like to be a field commander, getting to shoot yourself but not so close as to get shot, plus they have those really cool blasters and the cool Kama (for clones anyway) plus they get to command a squad and work close with a Jedi!

 #39 - Posted by: SlugmanTheGreat (Member) on 08-07-2008 at 15:51

George Lucas. "Hahah! I think I'll make all the battledroids turn into Jar Jar Binks!"

 #40 - *SPLAT* - Posted by: Vehicular_Specialist (Member) on 08-07-2008 at 20:37

TANK DRIVER! W0()+! Get outta my way or get Roadkilled!

 #41 - Posted by: fiodis (Member) on 08-08-2008 at 08:26

I'd be a :borg: cyborg, something like Grevious, but more organic. Y'know, then I'd be Force-sensitive, like a human, but if I got shot or whatever I'd download my conciousness into their mainframe....or something like that.... Then I'd eat a donut.:donut:

 #42 - Posted by: EtaNett (Member) on 08-08-2008 at 11:09

I'd be a Sniper.

 #43 - Posted by: Pinguin (Member) on 08-08-2008 at 15:22

Clone Assassin. Most pwnage clone ever.

 #44 - Other - Posted by: _PhantoM (Member) on 08-09-2008 at 13:22

Sniper. Boom, headshot.

 #45 - Posted by: labj (Member) on 08-09-2008 at 17:08

Shadowstormtrooper COME ON JEDI !!!!}>

 #46 - Posted by: labj (Member) on 08-09-2008 at 17:11

or better a T'Syriél stormtrooper Are you a little short?:p

 #47 - Posted by: To3_J4m (Member) on 08-09-2008 at 19:26

sniper. pure sniper.

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