Weekly Poll Results - Which cliche New Years Resolution have you made for 2009?

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Published by Maveritchell 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Which cliche New Years Resolution have you made for 2009?

LOL, New Years Resolution... 40.8% (431)
Meet a girl/guy. 19% (201)
Do better in school. 13.3% (141)
Eat healthier and exercise more. / Lose weight. 8.1% (86)
Kick a bad habit. 5.3% (56)
Work on a personal project. 3.7% (40)
Get out of the house more often. 3.6% (38)
Get a job. 2.8% (30)
Pick up some healthy habits. 1.7% (18)
Travel. 1.3% (14)
Total: 1055
Start: 01-11-2009 20:49
Last: 01-19-2009 16:12

 #1 - Posted by: EraOfDesann (Staff) on 01-11-2009 at 20:50

A week late but better late than never. :)

 #2 - holy crap - Posted by: Dean_Winchester (Member) on 01-11-2009 at 21:40

holy crap i don't need a new years resolution... there's nothing wrong with me... i have everything i could possibly need... well i could always win the lottery...

 #3 - Posted by: Ty294 (Member) on 01-12-2009 at 05:20

New year resolution? Yah right!

 #4 - My Brain Is Nails - Posted by: Broken_Box (Member) on 01-12-2009 at 08:44

But I still could do a little better in school.

 #5 - Posted by: MightyHaegr (Member) on 01-12-2009 at 09:31

Oh yes, I really nee to paint my Space Marine army..... and I need to score better in BF2 too :D Those pesky rebels always manage to kill me ...

 #6 - Posted by: 41Tommo (Member) on 01-12-2009 at 09:34

Could join MG-12 (my clan) and we could train ya :P

 #7 - Posted by: _FIN_Edvard_FIN_ (Member) on 01-12-2009 at 09:51

LOL, New Years Resolution... 46% (70) whathe hecking nerdidiotkids are here...?!

 #8 - Posted by: Harmless911 (Member) on 01-12-2009 at 11:20

Lose weight??? More like gain weight.

 #9 - Posted by: obiboba3po (Member) on 01-12-2009 at 12:53

i woulda said all three of those but oh well

 #10 - Posted by: delta47 (Staff) on 01-12-2009 at 14:52

Lets see... Meet a girl/guy - Eh, not today....Lose weight - Don't need that at all....Do better in school - I think everyone (who is in school) needs this just some more than others....Get a job - A good thing to have if I had a way.... My personal new years resolution is spending more time with God.

 #11 - Posted by: flyngterd (Member) on 01-12-2009 at 19:03

Drink and party more

 #12 - Posted by: Hornet5509 (Member) on 01-12-2009 at 19:14

kick back, relax, and have one heck of a year, 2009 guys and gals. Lets make it a good one!

 #13 - Posted by: Ty294 (Member) on 01-12-2009 at 19:31

"My personal new years resolution is spending more time with God." -delta47 That should be everyone's resolution. Good for you delta.

 #14 - Posted by: caleb1117 (Member) on 01-13-2009 at 07:48

I'm saddened by the results of this poll. I have multiple. A. Get in shape B. Date more C. Work on my book. (Cliche Enough?)

 #15 - Posted by: Anakin12 (Member) on 01-13-2009 at 08:13

Meet a Girl:p

 #16 - Posted by: Corr (Member) on 01-13-2009 at 09:34

Personal project. No time for a love-life, and I already exercise and eat healthily...most of the time. And I have a job, vor'e.

 #17 - Posted by: 41Tommo (Member) on 01-13-2009 at 09:48

Caleb C is what i'm doin aswell lol (jusst over 13 pages and its a sw story)

 #18 - Posted by: labj (Member) on 01-13-2009 at 12:44

I am a showman, i everytime do something that noone does, so i wish to build a crossbow, hard, 3 years working and i have not finished yet

 #19 - Posted by: GameFreak0000 (Member) on 01-13-2009 at 15:57

WOW...... so many people chose LOL, New Years Resolution and so did I!:rock::rock::rock:

 #20 - Posted by: two_tone (Member) on 01-14-2009 at 16:14

lol. get in my new years resolution was to get in the RAF as a pilot... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ye !!!!! im in, training starts in feb woo!!!!! RAF is the british air force for ppl who may be confused :-) (Royal Air Force)

 #21 - two things! - Posted by: yukisuna (Member) on 01-15-2009 at 05:14

hey, sorry for breaking in, this is acctually nothing of such resolution thing. first thing, do anyone know what happened to my submitted mods/files?:( next thing is that.... did you know that if you make a ben kenobi character, he will still say "this is going better than i expected", but he's voice will be from an old man, not from the younger kenobi!:) that really rocks, imean that they acctualy proggramed in hes voice!:rock:

 #22 - Posted by: LeaNikkaya (Member) on 01-15-2009 at 06:41

My resolution is not to have a one. ;)

 #23 - Posted by: 41Tommo (Member) on 01-15-2009 at 07:59

LeaNikk good choice :P

 #24 - hmmmm - Posted by: Dean_Winchester (Member) on 01-15-2009 at 10:21

i built a cross bow from a scarf, and a few toys from my siblings toybox... it was freaking awesome till i had to take it apart... too many people got hit with the tripwire trigger in the entrance to my room... and while i do belive in souls, spending more time talking to an invisible man in the sky in your head? dude whoever invented religion was smoking some good stuff

 #25 - Posted by: Ty294 (Member) on 01-15-2009 at 16:34

Wow, I didn't know God smokes. :rolleyes: And if you do believe in souls but not religion, then what do you think happens to the souls? :rolleyes: Let's avoid further discussions on subjects like this ok?

 #26 - @ 21, 24 - Posted by: delta47 (Staff) on 01-16-2009 at 09:35

Your Mod Files will get put up eventually we get a lot of submissions and we all have lives too so just be patient. Please cut the religious talk and post posts referring to the poll and not criticizing others beliefs. Thank you.

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