Weekly Poll Results - Who had the most moving death scene of the saga?

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Who had the most moving death scene of the saga?

The Jedi Order 38.6% (662)
Anakin Skywalker 19.4% (334)
Qui-Gon Jinn 15.7% (269)
Yoda 10% (172)
Obi-Wan Kenobi 5.7% (99)
Padme Amidala 5.5% (95)
Shmi Skywalker 4.7% (82)
Total: 1713
Start: 11-07-2008 06:41
Last: 11-15-2008 08:56

 #1 - Posted by: Wundai (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 07:44

4 People voted Obi-Wan and I'm wondering.. Why? For me its the Jedi Order, and ofcourse the music had a great influence in all of these scenes :)

 #2 - Posted by: _Blackbird (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 08:50

Yeah, you're right... It was very moving to see all these Jedi die.... and that music...

 #3 - Posted by: Commander_Fordo (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 08:55

I woted Padme Amidala....

 #4 - Oh come on, - Posted by: WookieFeet (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 08:55

Oh come on, the Jedi Order? AND QUI-GON JINN? Bah, I bet most of these people have never even seen the original trilogy! I actually cried the first time I saw Yoda die.

 #5 - Posted by: Gold_Leader (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 08:55

Gosh, that's a tough one... I would have to say Qui-Gon and the Jedi Order...

 #6 - Posted by: Ty294 (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 09:50

Execute Order 66! Boyahh! Destroy the Jedi slim! I like the music when Anankin is leading the Clones into the temple. One of the best parts of the movie!

 #7 - Posted by: Ty294 (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 09:53

Ok if I have to pick the SADDEST one, it would be Shmi Skywalker.

 #8 - Posted by: Jendrus (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 10:18

"Then our worst fears have been realized." -You're a Sith Lord!, Ty294!! :D I choose Jedi Order

 #9 - Posted by: DragonKnight94 (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 10:44

Yes, the purge's music is good for the scene, but the moment when Qui-Gon dies... Is really fantatstic, with Obi's revenge and a master's death...

 #10 - @4 - Posted by: Maveritchell (Staff) on 11-07-2008 at 10:45

"Most...have never seen the original trilogy"? I think that's stretching it, especially on a Star Wars site. And while Yoda did have a good scene, I certainly don't think it's the best - Ben's was great and Vader/Anakin's was easily the best. But "Order 66" was one of the few things the PT did really well; and I actually loved that scene.

 #11 - Posted by: bfkdarthrevan (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 11:16

Order 66, its the only time I nearly had to cry when I saw a Star Wars movie. Even though I lean more towards the Dark Side, it's a fate they didn't deserve.

 #12 - Posted by: Tolchuk (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 11:25

Qui-gon for sure. The way the music hits when Gui-don got stabbed is beautiful

 #13 - Posted by: Jedi_Walon (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 11:30

I cried during Order 66 :(

 #14 - Posted by: Ty294 (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 12:42

Jendrus, I'm no sith, I'm a Jedi killin' bounty hunter! lol

 #15 - Posted by: Darth_Palpatine (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 13:51

the music in the jedi order scene was totally awesome. Nothing else comes close.

 #16 - Posted by: fiodis (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 14:34

I voted Qui-gon. That was so sad.. like that guy said, Obi-wan gets revenge, and a master's death....tragic. Qui-gon was my favorite character, EVER. Then he died. Then, my second favorite character was Maul, and HE died, then my third was Obi-wan, and I saw episode 4 and HE died, then my 4th favorite was Yoda, and HE died.....you get the idea. That one fight killed off my 1st and 2nd favorites, with the 3rd to die not 3 movies later. Easily the most emotional for me. Order 66 was actually the one I thought least emotional, an opinion which, I see, is largely contradicted on this site. Meh, Anakin goes in, kills some Jedi, whatnot. Sad and all, but it doesn't relaly compare to the feeling you get when someone you know dies. All those people were Jedi whose names you didn't even know. It seems a lot more sad to me if a main character - someone with whom you had gone through the whole movie - someone, in short, who wasn't a nameless soldier to you - dies. It's as if someone you know dies, because you do know this character; they're not just some unknown soldier you saw shot down in combat.

 #17 - Posted by: Ty294 (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 15:02

One of my favoite characters was Jango Fett but Mace killed him and I've hated Windu ever since.

 #18 - Posted by: Schofield (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 15:48

I'd say the Jedi Order, and than Padme.

 #19 - Posted by: Mori600 (Member) on 11-07-2008 at 17:18

I'd have to go with the Jedi Order. I saw the movie in theaters and it was epic on the big screen. The scene actually made me feel really sad for the Jedi but I had to agree with Palpatine that they needed to be destroyed if he wanted to create an Empire. What I don't understand is that Yoda was able to detect fear and emotions in Anakin but he was not able to detect that 3 million clones were about to destroy the Jedi Order. Shimi has the least emotional death scene in my opinion. I felt a bit sad for Shimi despite the bad acting Christensens but what really ruined everything was the funeral and when Anakin told Padamè what he did to the Tuskens. Darth Vader's death scene was my second favorite which moved me greatly when I was younger but now that I think about it, he deserved it. Don't forget he blew up a planet, saved Palpatine's life which would've saved the Republic, killed his wife, and stupidly believed an Order (Order of the Sith Lords) known for lying and really nothing good.

 #20 - Shmi - Posted by: A_L_I_E_N (Member) on 11-08-2008 at 01:58

It was a great influence on Anakin's mind when his mother died. That made him move closer towards the dark side of the Force.

 #21 - Posted by: paulskywalker2000 (Member) on 11-08-2008 at 06:23

Obi-Wan. Doesn't anybody remember the scene? With the music in the background, and that confident, knowing smile on Obi when he made eye contact with Luke...for the last time? Then see his robes fall to the floor, his Lightsaber soon to follow? Most emotional scene ever.:'( I'm dead serious. The Jedi Order=ok, for some people it was REALLY sad. Like Ki-Adi-Mundi on Mygetoo, charging at the CIS only to be shot down by his traitorous Clone Troopers. :( But seriously, then you look at someone like Aayla Secura, who was just looking at a f***ing bird when she got shot in the back. L-A-M-E! And Padme.....well *cough* BAD ACTING! *cough* "Anakin, you're breakin' mah' heart!" Kill me.....Or, rather, kill HER!}>

 #22 - Posted by: GameFreak0000 (Member) on 11-08-2008 at 08:36

i thought yoda dying was pretty sad.

 #23 - People... - Posted by: A_L_I_E_N (Member) on 11-08-2008 at 11:21

it's not the 'saddest' scene, it's the most moving death.... :rolleyes:

 #24 - Posted by: UNIT33 (Member) on 11-08-2008 at 13:17

Why order 66 ? I cried until my eyes exploded with remorse when Darth Vader died (Anakin for those who are stupid - that's not a direct insult, don't shoot me) .:D:confused:

 #25 - Posted by: Capt332 (Member) on 11-09-2008 at 10:14

The Jedi Order - The Galaxy would never be the same again and we all knew it! Plus that music...made me cry! I guess it was supposed to but that was the most moving. Shmi's death wasnt moving, he just slaughtered everyone afterwards. Qui-Gon left himself open but then he became one with the force so all is good. Obi Wan just killed himself basically so no. Anakin's death...naaa he had it coming. Padme's was over before you knew it. Apart from that, Yoda's was the second most moving, he's been through 900 years of life, seen the Order collapse, killed all sorts of things and in the end he died in bed, *aaaw, cries*

 #26 - Posted by: Commander_Fordo (Member) on 11-10-2008 at 06:34

Darn, the poor younglings of the jedi temple... :'( That was one of the saddest parts of the movie, when they asked Anakin, "master, what are we going to do now???"... :'( omg...

 #27 - Posted by: Anakin12 (Member) on 11-10-2008 at 07:59

Anakin Skywalker at the end of Return of the Jedi it's so depressing

 #28 - Posted by: Anakin12 (Member) on 11-10-2008 at 08:01

Anakin:T-Tell you S-Sister you were right*Dies*...Appears as Hayden Force Ghost

 #29 - Posted by: negah (Member) on 11-10-2008 at 08:19

Anakin Skywalker, especially the music, and his funeral

 #30 - Torn - Posted by: Giga_Hertz (Member) on 11-10-2008 at 13:37

I'm torn between Yoda and the Jedi Order. I almost cried in both. :P But I voted Yoda for the sake for helping him out.

 #31 - Posted by: labj (Member) on 11-11-2008 at 19:59

What about Darth Malak? Well, apart of that i got a question: Somebody has played Clone sharpshooter? i need help

 #32 - Posted by: Commander_Fett (Member) on 11-13-2008 at 20:29

Jedi temple. The jedi being betrayed and shot down by their alies... well, at least some ARCs rebelled.

 #33 - Posted by: Mori600 (Member) on 11-14-2008 at 15:55

:( Order 66 should have been kill Jar Jar Binks.

 #34 - Posted by: Darth_Awec (Member) on 11-15-2008 at 03:16

The Emperor.

 #35 - Posted by: exodus_499 (Member) on 11-15-2008 at 03:55

Props for whoever came up with the poll this time :cool:

 #36 - Posted by: HeavyBomb (Member) on 11-15-2008 at 07:30

Anakins Death. was the most moving to me...... well darth vaders death anyways,,,

 #37 - Posted by: HeavyBomb (Member) on 11-15-2008 at 07:31

labj if u need codes for live fire i can tell you some but if u need help with sharpshooter you gon need a soda

 #38 - Posted by: HeavyBomb (Member) on 11-15-2008 at 07:33

#26 - Posted by: Commander_Fordo (Member) on 11-10-2008 at 06:34 Darn, the poor younglings of the jedi temple... That was one of the saddest parts of the movie, when they asked Anakin, "master, what are we going to do now???"... what the younglings really said is " (sad youngling voice) Master skywalker what are we going to do now? (lightsaber turns on and you hear screaming coming from where the younglings are)

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