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Character Mods Stormie Mod

This is a very simple mod that changes the standard Imperial rocketeer from a shock trooper to a regular stormtrooper. There's not much more...


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Character Mods Allied Factions Playable (With Lightsabers!)

This awesome mod makes the allied factions (heroes) playable. It also allows you to use their light sabers. How neat is that! Download it...


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Character Mods Clone Trooper Expansion Pack

Hey there! This mod gives the Clone Troopers a few new weapons, as well as some more features. Check the readme for more info! See ya!


Character Mods Visceral's Jawa Mod [Jawa Wars]

Hey there! This is a neat little mod that will allow you to use a Jawa! How neat :) Download it now and check it out!


Character Mods Visceral's Jawa Mod

Hey there again! Here is that same mod again, only...somehow, its different! Check the readme to find out why! Download now...see you lat...


Character Mods Jet Trooper Showdown Modification

Here is a little mod that changes the gameplay so that you only use Jet Troopers! What a twist! Download it now and try it out!


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Character Mods Imperial Expansion Pack

Remember that expansion pack for the clones made by General Xander? Well, today he presents us with another file, only this time, its for t...


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Character Mods Dark Trooper Mod

this file gives some adjustments to the dark trooper, its a neat little mod, and it works quite well. ~~Xander


Character Mods Jawa and Geonosian Mod

This mod adds the jawa instead of the rebel pilot and the geonosian instead of the droid pilot, in the screenshots the geonosian has a light...


Character Mods Movie Mod

This file removes the Rebel Pilot, Wookiee Smuggler and Darktrooper on Endor and it also removes the Darktrooper and Wookiee Smuggler on Hot...


Character Mods Gamorreans Playable (With Rifles)

This little mod makes the Gamorreans from Jabba's Palace playable with Rifles. Download now and enjoy!


Character Mods Gamorreans Playable (With Axe)

This mod makes the Gamorreans from Jabba's Palace playable with the Axe. Download now and enjoy!


Character Mods Red ARC Sharpshooter Modification

This little mod gives the Arc Sharpshooter red uniform colors. It basically explains itself but there is a screen below to give you an exam...


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Character Mods Unlimited Jet Fuel

This is just a small mod to give the Republic Jet trooper unlimited Jet fuel. If you try to play online, it will not lock up but the meter w...


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Character Mods Dark Trooper Unlimited Fuel Mod

As the name of the mod clearly states this mod gives you unlimited jet pack fuel for the Empire's Dark trooper. This mod is fun for single p...


Character Mods Elite Sides Mod 1.0

Ok, I can't really review my own file, all I can say is that there have been ALOT of changes since the 0.9 version, including major vehicle...


Character Mods Anakin On Mustafar V1

In this file you can play as anakin and as obiwan (obiwan is a hero) vs cus on mustafar at clonewars. RoguE Jedi


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Character Mods Jedi Mod

This mod makes you fight as a jedi in Star Wars Battlefront 1. The Features are, playing as a Jedi, using the Force and you can't die!


Character Mods Halo Mod Beta

Here's a mod for BFI only from Karnage. Again, this is for regular ol' Battlefront. Ahh, the nostalgia... First off, this...


Character Mods EP3 Jet Trooper MOD

EP3 Jet Trooper MOD This mod makes the regular SWBF1 jet a episode 3 jet trooper and gives it an AWESOME skin. The jet trooper gets...


Character Mods Ewok On Steroid MOD!

Ewok On Steriods Mod by -RLcT-Lea.Fang. This mod replaces the wookie with a ewok that is wookie size. The ewok gets a rocket launche...


Character Mods =AaTc= Jet Mod

This Mod Edits The Jet Trooper And Makes It Really Unbalanced,But Fun!First It Makes The Jet Trooper Red And It Also Changes The Weap...


Character Mods SUPER MARIO MOD

I've seen many people request a mod like this. Though I can't say it will be all you may have hoped for from seeing the mod's title. All thi...