Star Wars: Battlefront (2004)

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Maps Ratooine

My first map for Star Wars Battlefront. Check screenshots for more details.


Maps Yavin 4: Abandoned City

GCW: The Empire has made another attack on the moon of Yavin 4 to take the Rebel base. CW: The Republic secret base on Yavin 4 is under atta...


Maps Myrkr: Show of Force

Well, this is Myrkr: Show of Force (Version 1.1). I received a very good response from many forums all over the web. It was only posted a...


Maps Kamino: Nurioca City

The updated Version of Kamino: Nurioca City!


Maps Rouge Clones: First Assault

Finnaly it's up! Anyway enjoy this great map!


Maps Kamino: Nurioca City

The Kamino Map we've all been waiting for, it's a better version of the shipped kamino map we love so much.


Maps Tatooine: Boonta Eve

Now this map... IS AMAZING. A true work of art. Really fun! Try it out. Oh, and it's got PAINTBALL. 10/10 for me!


Maps Crossfire

-Description- the screenshots sum most of it up, but here are a few extras Open Big and Flat terrain. 2000 reinforcements for e...


Maps Fun

This makes Kaminio black and partly white. It's hard to find out where you are, but it's fun. It's like the original but is a llitle more...


Maps Geonosis: Plains

Geonosis: Plains is vonfrank's shot at recreating the battle that started the Clone Wars. It has been born from his dissatisfaction with bot...


Maps Bespin: Cloud City (Sunset Version)

This is Bespin: Cloud City, the map you all know and love...but at a different part of the day. Instead of the late afternoon, it is...


Maps Helms Deep

This map, by Vonfrank, is a recreation of the "Helms Deep" fortress (as you might imagine from the title) as it was depicted in the "Lord of...


No Screenshot

BFS, heroassault, and RhVC maps made by guys you know but now set to take place on cloud city, if you want the original map file it is left...


No Screenshot
Maps Coruscant: Jedi Temple 1.0

Same as the map in SWBF2


Maps Woods: Search and Destroy (1.0)

This map was made as a experiment to try and create a new "game mode" for SWBF.


Maps Ranen: Platforms (2.0)

Here we are again with Ranen: Platforms.


No Screenshot
Maps Ranen: Lava Fields (BETA)

Duulan reminds me a little of Mustafar. Lava fields, lava fields... and more lava fields. Not one of my favourite kinds of maps but give it...


No Screenshot
Maps Mygeeto: War-Torn City

This is a conversion of the swbf2 map, but with a few changes.


No Screenshot
Maps Jedi Extermination

You can play as Episode 3 Clones against Jedi on Tatooine Mos Eisley.


No Screenshot
Maps Mos Eisley 2.0

Installation: Extract to your Swbf2 Addon Folder. It has to be in your gamedata.


No Screenshot
Maps Rhenvar Temple with Cross Era

This is a copy and paste of the stock rhenvar temple map but with cross era clones vs empire empire vs droids.


Maps Star Wars Battlefront Naboo Jungle

this Maps name is Naboo Jungle and it is my first map ever so i hope you like it if not tell me what i should improve on.This map features c...


Maps ZOMBIES (1.0)

The Rebel Alliance has been infected by the Zombie Virus! The zombie-game pandemic has struck Pandemic's non-zombie-game!Vonf...


Maps Naboo: Theed (Naboo Crisis version)

Ty294 returns today with this unique modification for the shipped Naboo: Theed map, one that is not too commonly found on multiplayer server...