Star Wars: Battlefront (2004)

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Tutorials Adding Vehicles to Maps Tutorial

Just a small tutorial on how to add vehicles to maps by MajinRevan. Enjoy folks!


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Tutorials Basic Modeling in XSI

Simply a basic modeling tutorial. Doubt this requires more explanation.


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Tutorials Star Wars: Battlefront Modding Tutorial

In this Tutorial, you'll find tons of info about modding SWBF (Short for Star Wars: Battlefront) and how to do things you may not have know...


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Tutorials Hex Guide

So you want to hex edit? You want to be a jedi slashing your way through hordes of wookies, or a bounty hunter, blowing Darth Vader clones t...


Tutorials Beginner's Guide to adding/installing Mods in Star Wars Battlefront

you how to do things such as install maps are somewhat tricky to understand. My suggestions are to rewrite the guide, perhaps using a word p...