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All Files In Star Wars: Battlefront (2004) Utilities
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Utilities Star Wars Battlefront Remote Admin

This is the server version package of the custom Remote Admin made for your server. This will allow you to do in game commands for your ser...


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Utilities Star Wars Battlefront Remote Admin

Here is the client side file for the remote server admin. You will need the Server Side Version on your server in order to use this. Downl...


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Utilities BViewer

this is what we have all been waiting for, this little tool allows you to extract images from the game and edit them in .dds format, 3 cheer...


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Utilities BCompiler

This is the latest tool from GameToast and KingGurus team. Check out the readme for more info, and get modding modders!


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Utilities BConstructor

You'll need the Microsoft .NET 1.1 framework in order to run this. Download it [url="


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Utilities Battlefront CopyMap Script

This script will help you to copy downloaded maps in the Battlefront directory (for unpatched version 1.0)


Utilities Battlefront I-Ready Ships (1)

Unlike my other two sets, this is SOLELY for BF1 users. It includes all of my fighters, interceptors, troop transports and bombers ported fr...


Utilities Bothan Spy Variants (1)

This is a pack containing variant Bothan Spy units for BF1 (although the models can be used in BF2 since that's where they originated from)....


Utilities Katarn-Armoured Heavy Units (1)

These two units are based off the "Katarn-Armour Mark IV" seen in the RPG "Star Wars Galaxies", and are modified to include new secondary we...


Utilities Incinerator Trooper (1)

Those of you who have played "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" shall recognise this unit as one of the units which appear on Kashyyyk, armed...


Utilities AT-RT Source Files (1)

This is another port of a BF2 vehicle to BF1, this time it is the AT-RT. The AT-RT is fully-functional and ready to use in any map.


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Utilities Mod Guide SWBF1 - New Renders

An easy-to-understand system for gaming with lots of mods installed simultaneously, and manging them efficiently and with ease.


Utilities Star Wars: Battlefront 2004 - Cross Era Sounds Assets

contains empire vs republic and droids vs empire cross era sounds with all ground vehicles.


Utilities AAT STAP skin pack

Here's some new skins for the vehicles of the CIS, namely the MAF, AAT and STAP, by EA711.


Utilities Dragonum gunshipBF1

the gunship's usage in a map. You will still have to place the vehicle spawn point in Zeroeditor, but this should cover everything else for...


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Utilities Ship Sky_Domes

groups. The all, imp, cis and rep for easier use and smaller file size.


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PHP Scripts SWBF PHP Stats

Here is a small script that will allow you to display stats from yours or another server via PHP website! Download now and enjoy!


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PHP Scripts SWBF PHP Stats

Well this basically does the same thing as the previous version only this is an update. Heres a quote from the original file. Here...


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Level Tools .LVL Extractor

This is the latest community-member-made tool. It extracts .lvl files so that you can edit them! Very cool, this opens up even more moddin...


Level Tools Star Wars: Battlefront Modding Tools

Thats right folks, here is your big Christmas present from LucasArts! They have release "unsupported" mod tools. This means that they are...


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Level Tools GT1 Lego Pack: Jai Nollan Special Bonus Pack

A collection of lego and objects that were used in the construction of GT1's Jai Nollan map. You should download this if you are planning o...


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Source Files and Packs Majin Revan's Map Source Stuff Pack 1

Well, this is Majin Revan's Map Source Stuff Pack 1. Yes, there will be other packs. Also, notice the huge size of the file? It took me a...


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Source Files and Packs Majin Revan's Map Source Stuff Pack 2

Well, here we have Majin Revan's Map Source Stuff Pack 2. This pack is smaller than the last one. But, that doesn't make it any less help...


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Source Files and Packs Majin Revan's Map Source Stuff Pack 3

Well, here we are again, I've been releasing a lot of files, haven't I? LOL. Well, this is a major source files pack. It has my entire...


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