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Hey there folks! Ahh yes, finally, a mod for Star Wars Battlefront! Here is a mod made by KingGuru. Check out the readme to see w...


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Hey there folks! Ahh yes, finally, a mod for Star Wars Battlefront! Here is a mod made by KingGuru!. Check out the readme to see what it does! Download now and enjoy!

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KingGurus All Maps [9] Unlimited Flying Mod 

for Map : 9 Maps for Star Wars Battlefront with newest patches.

Description: This mod changes all maps in Star Wars Battlefront game to allow for flying and moving of units out of the "pre-programmed boundries". 

There are 9 maps which allow such modding and they have been patched in this release. 6 maps were not patched as they either do not allow for flight or have no vehicle spawns which as of now are un-moddable to make flight. In the future these maps may be added but removing the "out of bounds for troops/vehicles on these maps served no purpose up to this mods release.

With this mod you will not be told to "return to the area or suffer any consequenses" whether flying or by foot. Some maps are little difference but maps with flying/ships and tight spaces should have been released this way from retail.

There are NO known issues with this release ,all have been play and re-tested on US released retail version running the most recent patches. Nothing is visually changed except on the docks of Kashyyk you will now have more huts in different places which should not affect gameplay. 

Enjoy "space" as it was meant to be!

You will need to BACKUP your map (lvl) files in the directories for this map...

goto ---->

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\Data\_LVL_PC\"MAP NAME"\"MAP".lvl

and make a copy of the orignals before proceeding...

You must install each map to be modded for no flight caps/boundries.

Enjoy the mod , if you have questions or concerns please visit the forums at
for support, learn how this mod was made or share your tips for battlefront modding. 


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