Battle of Abridon

A large scale map with new city textures and loads of vehicles. Definently download this baby, it's a whole new experience!



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A large scale map with new city textures and loads of vehicles. Definently download this baby, it's a whole new experience!

Review: The first thing that I am going to say is that this map is a creation of art and talent. Rend has come back and done it again with another great map. This time, it has new textures and everything.

The map has some outstanding gameplay with great AI coding and lots of vehicles. I really didn't find a point in battle where there wasn't action, and since there are enough vehicles to go around, you will never be bored. Great infantry to air and vice versa map. Awesome style.

The map itself isn't buggy, but some suggestions from myself include extended the "out of boundries[/b] border so that starfighters can fly outside the city a bit farther towards the back. You may also consider adding 1 more AT-AT to make things a bit more interesting. One more thing - try and space the buildings out a bit more and add some villages to the outskirts, it makes the city look a bit more reserved and inhabited.

Other than that, great map, and keep up the great work! See you on the battlefront!

*Todays Reviewer* - AndrewD (

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Download '' (11.54MB)

Version: Beta1
Idea: Monty
Made by "Rends"

The Abridon city map can be played either at the Galactic Civil War era or at the Clonwar era.

Historical Background:

Galactic Civil War:		The Deathstar was destroyed near Yavin. Now the citizens of the Planet Abridon decided that it´s the time now to stand up against the Empire. But the Abridon Army is way to small to fight  the Empire so they asked the Rebellion for help.
This Battle is also know as the the big Battle of Abridon!   

CloneWars:		 The Droidarmy of the CIS occupied Abridon. The governmernt of Abridon call for help.
Jump in to fight one of the big Battles of the Clonewars!  

Ok i will stop my jodaism here also known as Rends english ;-) 

Installation: Copy the folder "abr1" to your "Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/AddOn" directory.

Known bugs:
Some vehicles don´t have sounds. this will be fixed once the next Version of the Modttools is released.

Please report any bugs and tips to

Enjoy,Monty& Rends

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