Battle of Naboo - Improved Music Score

Prepare to watch the Battle of Naboo


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Prepare to watch the Battle of Naboo

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Hello all, this readme won't explain much considering it is a video, but I will tell ya a little bit of why and how I made it.

I made this video out of fun and enjoyment for the community supporting the Star Wars Battlefront Series. I did this entirely on my own, I promise. And the only credit I would give is to John Williams for is great composing of movie scores, Zappa 0 for helping me get the nessecities to film the movie,Majin Revan for his amazing Naboo Ouch Time! map for Saga battles, again Zappa for inspiring me of making a movie, considering his guru-ness of making movies. LOL Anyway, I used FRAPS to film the video, and the in-game free camera to do the filming.

Prepare to watch the Battle of Naboo......or atleast a Battle on Naboo... lol. :P


Installation Instructions- Jeeze, just simply open the WMV. Is it that hard?
Un-installation- Delete from computer, or however you delete your files. LOL


You may distribute this file anywhere, just as long as you say that I, CloneWarrior90- Battlefront Staff / Revan , is the original author. And don't get cute and say your me, because I will be highly apalled of getting absolutely no credit whatsoever.


Please do me a favor......

Have fun and enjoy! :D

~Author: CloneWarrior90 / Revan
~Running time of movie- Approximatly  7 minutes and 35 seconds.
~Name of file within Zip- BattleofNaboo- Improved Music Score.wmv

Again--- ENJOY! ;D

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