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Since I don't have SWBF1, and since this was a larger mod project, I felt it would be unfair to leave this without a review. To that end, I...


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Since I don't have SWBF1, and since this was a larger mod project, I felt it would be unfair to leave this without a review. To that end, I asked for a guest review, and got one from user "YTF" from Gametoast forums. Here's his review:

I'll first begin with the title of the mod. I don't see what's exactly "redemptive" about it, but then again, the list of super-cool mod names is surprisingly limited, so it works just fine.

Just for the sake of getting it out of the way, I'll start with the things I didn't like. The first thing I noticed when I booted up Battlefront and opened Cloud City was the lack of localization correcting. The MagnaGuard is still Assault Droid (I didn't even know it was supposed to be a MagnaGuard until I reread your entire post), and the Wookiee Jedi is still Clone Pilot. A lot of weapons remain unlocalized as well, so that should definitely be something to fix for your next version.

Second off, I dislike how you gave the Jetpack, Shield, and Geonosian Wings infinite energy. I mean, I didn't like how low the energy bar was to begin with, but I feel that it's sort of stretching it when you give them infinite (at least the Shield and Jetpack, giving infinite to the Geo Wings actually makes some sense). I'll admit it's fun flying around without any energy depletion, but it sorta ruins the gameplay. For example, on Cloud City you can fly behind buildings with the Jet Trooper or the Geonosian without leaving the battlefield and camp there. I actually found an AI that somehow managed to lodge itself between two buildings outside of the main area. It took me almost twenty minutes to find him so I could end the match.

An issue related to weapons is the grappling hook equipped to the Clone Sharpshooter. I thought it to be kinda cool at first, thinking "Hey, I haven't seen very many maps with this thing. I wonder if it really works." Well, not really. In fact, I was pretty much goofing around for like five minutes trying to get it to latch on to stuff. Nothing really interesting happened until I pointed it at the ground and it sucked me halfway through and I died instantly.

Ok, so what did I like about this mod? Quite a bit. Just for an example, the Jet Trooper's EMP Rifle is awesome. I rather dislike overpowered weapons, but this is one of the few exceptions. I love firing down the Cloud City hallway and exploding everything in sight.

So, with all that said, it's a pretty good mod. Not bad at all considering that hardly anyone mods for SWBF1 anymore. It's pretty balanced and the basic concept is cool, but there are a few bugs that need fixing. No mod is perfect, but the more you devote yourself to it, the more you will appreciate it in the end, and that's all that matters. I will definitely download the next two parts when they are released.

My rating: 8.5

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Download '' (34.93MB)

Part one of three of the Battlefront Redemption mod.

Screenshots included.

Part one consists of the Clone Wars.

The goal:to get people to play Battlefront 1 again.

How to install:
Must have latest BF1 patch.

Unzip, place in sides folder after backing up old files.

Left click on your BF 1 shorcut, click properties, hit find target, then go into data, then sides copy these files into there and say yes to 
replace old files, make sure to back up those originals!

Stuff in all three parts:

This mod makes everything more like the movies and more realistic but also adds large amounts 
of new weapons, pumps up the old ones (ex Beam Rifle, Flamethrower, EMP Rifle ect)  and units into the game
(ex Bothan Spy, Wookiee Jedi Knight, Prototype Magnaguard, Genonsian Piolt).
This is part one CW.
No two units on the same side have the same weapon.
All it takes to kill the strongest unit is three blasts from a pistol. (Except Drodekia Shield)
Shots go furhter.
The units now better match their classes (ex snipers are faster but weaker).
Missles are more deadly.
All shots go faster.
Running while shooting is inaccurate.
Starfighters all have missles and move faster.
All heroes have force jump, force speed, force heal, force power and force block.
Much, much, much more.....

Changes to CW:


Clone Trooper
-Blaster Rifle-6 clips
-Command Pistol  (shoots faster and further but weaker then a regualr pistol)
-EMP Grenades-8
-Mines-15 (can lay up to 200)

ARC Trooper
-Missle Launcher-6 double rounds
-Carbine Rifle  (shoots faster further and more acurate then blaster rifle but less in clip, and not as strong)
-Time Bombs-10  (can lay as many as possible since they have 10 seconds on them)
-Recon Droid-3  (the droids blaster is strong but the droid is weaker but it goes faster) 

Republic Wookiee Jedi Knight (replaced pilot)
-Lightsaber Attack  (you can't block in this mode)
-Lightsaber BLock  (you can't attack in this mode, except for when you first swicth to this mode)
-Force Push (actually works too :))
-Health and Ammo Dispenser-7
The Jedi has a slow self heal, a force jump, and forcespeed too.

Clone Sharpshoot  (New skin added, now red arc trooper skin)
-Sniper Rifle
-DN Bolt Caster  (is now automatic :)
-Concussion Grenades-8
-Harpoon Gun

Jet Trooper  (unlimited jet fuel)
-EMP launcher  (triple round)
-EMP Rifle  (Shots explode on impact withe EMP explosion)
-Thermal Detonators-8
-Fusion Cutter

The Republic Gunship fires faster rounds and two missles at once, and the hovercraft goes faster.


Super Battle Droid
-Wrist Blaster-8 clips
-Wrist Shotgun
-Wrist Rocket-8
-Orbital Strike  (shoots out a beacon, can be charged for more powerful strike)

Prototype Magnaguard
-Missle Launcher-12 single rounds
-Anti Armor Attachment  (perfect for killing jedi)
-Haywire Detonators  (Sticks to stuff but explodes like a thermal detonator on impact)

Genosian Pilot
-Sonic Blaster  (very powerful)
-Sonic Grenade Launcher (has six shots per clip)  
-Fusion Cutter
-Health and Ammo-7
Has unlimited flying.

Assasain Droid
-Sniper Rifle  (Two zooms)
-Blaster Rifle
-Concussion Grendades-8
-Mines-15  (can lay 200)

-Repeating Blasters  (very powerful and long, large shots like in movies)
-Shield Emmiter  (doesn't have a timer anymore)

The Hailfire Droid can fire all 32 missles wihtout reloading.
The AAT has missles and so does the Vulture Droid. 

Don't upload this on another site and say it is yours, that's plagerism.

Created by elfwithsword.

Thanks to Majin Revan for giving out the Bothan skins, anitarmor weapon, and concussion rifle, magnastaff, Delta_57_Dash for the many weapon ideas and, Eisenfausts, and Kyross for the realism ideas.


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