Battlefront Main Play Mod (4.1)

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There were a few flaws in version 4 of the Main Play Mod, such as an incorrect script file, and errors within the sides. This fixes all sides. For some reason, also, when the item appeared on the main page and mod lists, it lead to pages which claimed the file was nowhere to be seen.

It includes modifications to all Heavy units, no two faction's heavy units are the same. It also adds more skins and finishes the Clone Trooper Legions mods. For instance, the 41st Elite are on Kashyyyk, and the ARC Troopers on Kamino. There are also Shadow Troopers and Phase III-Armoured troopers for the Empire on some maps.

Because it's a sides mod, you need to back up your original SIDES folder first, as well as your original mission.lvl files. There are also new First Person models for the newer units, these do not make any replacements.

Download this if you recently downloaded the 4.0 version and found bugs, and download it if you didn't.






There are a few new units to add, such as the new Clone Trooper legions (instead of just the 501st). I have also changed the Shock Trooper to the Incinerator Trooper, from The Force Unleashed. Heavy Units have new weapons instead of their standard "Blaster Rifle" weapon that was in the last version.

So here is a list of new heavy Unit layouts:

REPUBLIC: Heavy Trooper (Missile Launcher, Chaingun, Thermal Detonators, Mines)

CIS: MagnaGuard (Missile Launcher, Electrostaff, Thermal Detonators, Mines, Jump ability)

EMPIRE: Incinerator Trooper (Missile Launcher, Flamethrower, Thermal Detonators, Mines), this is the Katarn-Armoured Trooper on Kashyyyk and Naboo, keeping with the Post-CW 501st theme from TFU's first mission, and the Shadow Incinerator on Bespin (NOTE - Only one AI Incinerator per-map)

REBELS:Rebel Vanguard (Missile Launcher, DH17 Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators Mines)

So here's the lowdown on the new weapons:

Chaingun: Pretty self-explanatory, hold the "Fire" button to unleash a devastating hail of fire. Useful for attacking Droidekas.

Electrostaff: The main weapon of the IG-Series MagnaGuard, the Electrostaff works exactly the same as any other melee weapon. Get close to an enemy and press the "fire" button to swing.

Flamethrower: Throws a torrent of flames at the enemy, setting them alight, damaging them greatly.

DH17 Blaster Pistol: A much more powerful Blaster pistol, and also armed with a scope, but it has a slower rate of fire - you can fire max. 5 shots in succession before it overheats. It takes longer than a standard pistol to cool down.

The Republic Gunship and MAF are now more powerful as well, for their individual tasks (Republic Gunships are apparently key to taking down the Techno Union ships on Geonosis and yet the AT-TEs were more powerful - this fixes only the missiles to be more powerful for that task, and the MAF also got a missile upgrade because it would be unfair on maps where both Rep and CIS gunships appear IE Bespin Platforms)


-Still no localizations. Noticeable more with the weapons since new weapons show up as 0x (A hex number, Units are 0xAB12FF or something like that, but weapons keep only the first two digits)
-Cody has his bone-root appearing underneath him. No known fix, I'm open to suggestions on this one. If somebody could alter it I would be grateful.


- The Imperial Flamethrower had a bug where if too many flames were shot from it, then you try to shoot more, or fire a weapon which exploded, the game crashed. This bug has been fixed by lowering the lifespan of the flames (roughly three seconds unless you're firing into the air!), and removing an accidentally left-in effect line in the explosion ODF. I applied these changes to the CIS flamethrower too (although there only Jango carries it).
-HUNT - KASHYYYK - I left the default objectives in by mistake. These have been changed.
-THe mission.lvl included in the last version posted earlier in the day was faulty. This includes a remunged mission.lvl.
-The chaingun was edited by mistake. I meant to lower the rate of fire, but not the salvo delay.This has been reversed, but I am leaving the fire rate as I had it first.


-Fix the commander units so their kama appear (there is a mesh for the kama attached to the model but it's made into a 'cloth' mesh), same with the Jedi. Not urgent, and not really worth another whole release (perhaps a single side change later on)


Q. Why can I see the flames bounce off surfaces?
A. The flamethrower is not fully supported in BF1. So I have emulated it using a modified Grenade Launcher (thanks to Napseeker for the hints to get it working).

Q. Why is Yoda like that (lol, long legs and stretched neck - Mr. Stretch!)?
A. Yoda's skeleton is the same as the Ewoks. I tried to get the BF2 Yoda skeleton over but it crashed the game.

Q. Why no Grievous' Dual Lightsabers/Darth Maul's Doublesaber?
A. Lightsaber support is very, very limited in BF1. Napseeker did an emulation of one using a charging laser but I didn't think that would look good in this mod.


Credits go to:

-Maveritchell for helping me to figure out sound.
-Pandemic for the Mod Tools, and LucasArts for the game.
-Pandemic and LucasArts again for the assets.
-Everyone I asked for help to get this done (curse you Boba Fett for not working for so long!)
-I read through the credits of the Conversion Pack for BF2, and yet I found nothing on who made the Commander Gree outfit. So, whoever made it, thanks to you too.
-ARC_Commander for the BFX assets
-Taivyx for force pike
-Napseeker for the new General Grievous (he works fine for me!), and the help making the Flamethrower.
-Commander Fordo for some clone skins
-Satti for shadow stormtrooper skin (modified by me)
-Dragon93 for Shadow Trooper, and tutorial on Clone trooper skins
-AceMastermind for OOM droids
-RepSharpshooter for the 501st skin
-Qdin for Commander Cody
-OOM-9 for the DC-15 carbine

If I've left anyone out, please let me know.


Unzip all files. You are left with four archives. If you run WinRAR, right-click and choose "Extract Here". I do not know the procedure for the other RAR-opening applications.

Place in your Data/lvl_pc folder. Backup the original ALL.LVL, CIS.LVL, DES.LVL, GAR.LVL, GUN.LVL, IMP.LVL, REP.LVL and WOK.LVL inside the "Side" folder, as well as the mission.lvl inside the main folder (Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameDataData_LVL_PC), first.

The FPM folder goes in the _LVL_PC folder, and DOES NOT REPLACE any shipped first persons (just copy and paste the folder "FPM" into "_LVL_PC" otherwise the new first persons will not be used). First persons from an older version of the mod can be retained but I added them for continuity (for people downloading the mod for the first time).

The contents of "Addon fixes" only apply if you downloaded my "Main Play Mod Hero Assault" and "Main Play Mod Hunt" packs. They are for the CW missions and only replace the core.lvl localization. Just copy the contents into your addon folder.

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