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This mod, by ggctuk, is a large-scale overhaul of the original SWBF1. While it can be most accurately classed as a "sides mod," it isn't ...


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This mod, by ggctuk, is a large-scale overhaul of the original SWBF1. While it can be most accurately classed as a "sides mod," it isn't only a sides mod - it includes some changes to the mission.lvl as well, so that you can get some per-level changes (e.g. different troopers on different levels).

This makes a number of changes to the original SWBF1 sides; the change I think is the neatest though, is the change(s) made to the heroes. Instead of being invincible, the heroes for each faction are now able to be killed (similar to SWBF2 heroes). Additionally, each hero has additional weapons; force powers were added to all the Jedi heroes. It's worth mentioning, too, that the Rebels and Empire now have Han Solo and Boba Fett, respectively, in addition to Luke and Vader.

There are many other interesting changes, as well. The Republic sees the most - you'll find differing clone legions depending on the map you play (for example, play Rhen Var and you'll see Galactic Marines). You'll also find other small changes to vehicle and unit setup; a complete list of changes can be found below.

Of course it is worth noting that there are some issues. While most bugs are covered below, it is important to mention two things - first, the sound files are not included, and you'll need to look out for the author to upload the necessary audio files later. Second, and most important (and not really a "bug," per se), is that since this is a sides mod, you will need to remember to BACK UP YOUR FILES, including mission.lvl.

So SWBF1 fans, what are you waiting for? Download away!


(Please note that below screenshots are not directly from this mod and may not represent completely the setup of this mod.)

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Download 'bf1mod_v1.rar' (152.61MB)



This side mod alters the main four factions. Now, dependant on map, Clones have different skins, as do Imperials.

Vehicles have been altered a little - changes to each are below.

Online compatibility is lost for this, but I hope I can make it worth it!

1. Changes:

- Heavy Trooper units have blaster rifles.
-Heroes are no longer invincible! And they're health has been lowered from ridiculously high (1000000, the original

value! You'd spend the entire battle trying to wipe them out! So it's 5000 now, don't want it far too easy). I have

also given them Force Powers back.
-New audio! This will be in a second file

- The Super Battle Droid now has his AV Rocket (which was removed from the main game)
- Main Play Assault Droid replaced by MagnaGuard. He is a bit small though (still figuring out how to alter that, I

guess I should use scale command)
- The Sniper and Magnaguard are armed with Blaster Rifles as secondary weapons.
- The skins of the battle droids are changed to be more canonical - in main play, the Assault Droid is Droid

Commander, the Sniper is Security Droid and Pilot is, uhm, pilot.
- The Vulture Droid is as Episode III.

- Different skins for different maps:
Bespin: 501st Skins
Geonosis: Phase 2 skins, ARC trooper is replaced by Heavy Trooper (blue skin)
Kamino: ARC Skins for the main infantry. Heavy Trooper is red ARC.
Kashyyyk: BARC skins for Sniper and main infantry, Gree skin for Heavy Trooper.
Naboo: As Bespin
Rhen Var: Galactic Marine skins
Tatooine: Faie skin for main infantry, Clone Shock Trooper (Coruscant guard) skin for heavy trooper. Sadly that skin

was done before I got Photoshop, so it was done in PSP 4 (which seems about 100 years old in comparison). Same is

for the Jabba's Palace extention.
Yavin 4: As Kashyyyk.
- Pilots are armed with a Commando Pistol as well as their DN Bolt Caster
-The Jedi Starfighter has been replaced with the Jedi Interceptor.

-The only real change is that Han Solo has been added to some maps instead of Luke. He is armed with that two-shot

pistol he has in Battlefront II, and he is very accurate with it - he can be more dangerous that Luke! Imperials be

-I'm too lazy to implement other changes right now :P

- Changed the skins of the troopers on Kashyyyk, to match with the first mission in The Force Unleashed. Now, I own

both the PS2 and XBox 360 versions, and I thought both were quite good, so instead of having to pick, I chose to

incorporate both skins. So the Stormtrooper has his XBox 360 skin (basically a stormtrooper with a modified helmet,

and that's it), and the Shock Trooper has his PS2 skin (A combination bewteen the standard stormtrooper and the

501st Clone trooper).
- We have the Imperial Officer on some maps! He has Blast Cannon, Blaster Rifle, EMP Grenades (sound is missing for

explosion, I know!) and
-Boba Fett has been added into some maps, including the Tatooine Campaign map to fix a continuity issue (Vader was

abord the Death Star during those events). He is armed with the same weapon he has in BF2, and a wrist rocket, so be

careful if you play as the Alliance! For now, his mesh is Jango Fett's (they're similar) but it will be changed in a

future release.
- The AT-AT has been altered a bit - AT-AT is capable of firing more shots, like the AT-TE. The AT-ST has it's

secondary pilot's secondary weapon restored.

- New Star Wars music for Bespin and Kamino maps. Still working on other maps.

2. Bugs:

-Hoth: Echo Base no longer works. There is no known cause, nor is there a fix for this, I may see if it is the map

itself, or the LUA.
-Localization is not possible for new units. The only 'new' unit to get localization is the Imperial Officer, since

he was already localized in the main game, but was cut at the last minute. However, this localization issue is not

carried over to the Jabba's Palace addon, for which I have included localization files too.
-Due to a bug in the router I am using, I am going to upload the audio separately.

3. Future:

- I'd like to put in the ability to play as a hero, it might be possible by manipulating the addunit command so that

the AI can't choose a hero but the player can.
- More heroes for the CIS, Imperials and Alliance!


Credits go to:

-Maveritchell for helping me to figure out sound.
-Pandemic for the Mod Tools, and LucasArts for the game.
-Pandemic and LucasArts again for the assets.
-John Williams for the music of the Star Wars Films!
-Mark Griskey for the music of The Force Unleashed!
-Everyone I asked for help to get this done (curse you Boba Fett for not working for so long!)

Instructions - place in your Data/lvl_pc folder. Backup the original ALL.LVL, CIS.LVL, IMP.LVL, REP.LVL and WOK.LVL,

as well as the mission.lvl, first. The custom music does not need any backups since they are separate files. Copy

the contents of "TAT3Addon" into the Addon/TAT3/_lvl_pc/ folder.

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