Bespin: Cloud City (Sunset Version)

This is Bespin: Cloud City, the map you all know and love...but at a different part of the day. Instead of the late afternoon, it is...


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This is Bespin: Cloud City, the map you all know and love...but at a different part of the day. Instead of the late afternoon, it is now sunset and getting dark. The moon is out and the fog is creeping in. The moonlight has taken over the daylight.

You are free to use this file. However, by downloading, we ask that you visit our "[I/O] Endeavor -" server on Multiplayer v1.2. We also ask that you do not alter this file in any way.

Thank you and enjoy!

Well, this is an interesting file. It replaces your default Bespin: Cloud City map, giving it a different sky, while still retaining online compatibilty. It's a very nice sky, and I'd use it if I still played Battlefront I. Oh, and before I say anything else; yes, this is a mod for the original Battlefront.

When installing, you should still back up your default files just in case, even though this particular mod doesn't affect compatibility.

Download and enjoy.


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Download '' (5.5MB)

       Internal Outsider's
Bespin: Cloud City (Sunset Version)

   What is this file?

Basically, this file alters your original Bespin: Cloud City map.  With this alternate version of the original map, you will be able to view Cloud City: Bespin at a different time of day.  Instead of the late afteroon, it's now sunset - the moon is out and the fog is creeping in!  It's simply another way of experiencing the map you always loved.

Keep in mind that THIS MAP IS NOT ADDED TO YOUR ADDME FOLDER.  This simply copies over your original bes2.lvl.  What this means is that the map should be able to be played in Single Player AND Multiplayer the same way as the original file would.  Only the visual part has changed.

   What do I do?

Just download the file.  Then, go to:

C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars BattlefrontGameDataData_LVL_PCBES 

It could be different if you have your Battlefront game in another directory.  Anyways, in that folder, you should see two files there - bes1.lvl and bes2.lvl.  Make sure you rename your bes2.lvl file to bes2-original.lvl.  Why?  This way, if something goes wrong, you have a backup to your original Bespin: Cloud City map.  

Now, just move the file you downloaded from this site to your BES folder.  That's it.  Enjoy Bespin: Cloud City at dusk, in the moonlight, viewed upon the gleaming light of a crescent moon!


Of course, the original map is copyrighted by LucasArts and Pandemic Studios.  This file is not intented to challenge such copyrights.  No monetary gain was made or  intentionalized in the making of this file.  File changes were made by Nexus [I/O], 
assisted by Phazon [I/O].

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