Bespin Platforms 2

The idea behind the map is actually pretty good. It's a shame that it did not really work out. Most of the bots stand around doing nothing...


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The idea behind the map is actually pretty good. It's a shame that it did not really work out. Most of the bots stand around doing nothing and those who are actually doing something are all in one place laming around. The map itsself is nice although I noticed a few inconsistencies like disappearing brushes but I don't think they are really noticeable if you're not looking for them.

After leaving the turret I got launched next to the platform and ultimately die. Kinda strange that this has not been fixed. It's very hard to overlook such a thing.

Check the readme for some additional info.

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Download '' (6.1MB)

Bespin: Platforms II
Created by ruasoh

Clone Wars:
	War!  The Republic is crumbling under the attacks by the ruthless sith lord Count Dooku.  
There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere.
	Desperately in need of Tibana Gas to power their weapons, the Republic returns to the embattled 
planet of Bespin to retake the platforms of Tibana Gas that can turn the tides of the war.

Galactic Civil War:
	It is a dark time for the Rebellion.  Although the Death Star as been destroyed, the Empire has 
chased the Rebellion through the far corners of the Galaxy.  
	After Luke Skywalker and PPrincess Leia escaped from Cloud City, the Empire swept in and took the 
city by force.  In desperate need of Tibana Gas, the Rebellion has returned in a surprise move to capture 
the gas platforms and strike a painful blow to the Empire.

Installation: Extract the Bes3 folder and put it in the gamedata/addon folder

This map has a nice variety of air battles and even urban combat.  This map is designed with multiplayer
in mind.  Although there is some singleplayer AI to keep you busy, The logistics of the multilayer combat 
environments and various bumps that the AI can't jump over (most are Droidika deterrent) make this map 
inadequate for singleplayer.  In addition, there some circumstances that hard to take alone and require 
help from other players.  Please, don't email me about fixing the AI, because I have no intention to work 
on it. There is little that can be done due to the nature of planning in zeroedit.  Other than that, you can 
email me with comments and suggestions at


Thanks to all those on forums who helped work out the kinks

PS-I haven't forgotten about finishing Geonosis: Battleground;  I've just been occupied with modeling and 
*gasp*, work.  I will get to it eventually.

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