Bespin: Security Compound



little short of its goal.First of all, as it is wide open, there is just a ton of running around. With the exception of a few command posts, the openness also means that there's very little cover to get behind. There are vehicles added to the map to offset the running-around factor, but (and this is more of an issue with the nature of hover tanks in BF1 than anything else) since the vehicles are hover tanks for either side, they end up being slow and prone to flip over. It would be nice, too, to see the map move somewhere beyond a location already in the game - sure, still use the assets, but retexture them and throw in a new sky, and boom - new planet. A little extra effort can go a long way to keeping the map feeling fresh.The author included a short video, so be sure to give it a quick view.-Mav


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