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This is the final version of elfwithsword's Battlefront Redemption mod. It seems to have had a large number of changes from its [url=...


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This is the final version of elfwithsword's Battlefront Redemption mod. It seems to have had a large number of changes from its earlier version, most or all of which are listed in the readme. It looks like the author has made a substantial effort to improve upon his earlier version - so give it a try! It looks like a pretty big mod, and we don't see many mods for the original Battlefront anyway.


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Download '' (122.3MB)

Version 1.5 of the Battlefront Redemption Mod is out.

This version has all the original stuff in it from my first release, so check out that thread to see all the changes (there are a lot!)

Check on the Hyperlink below, it should be up later today if my internet doesn't go down again.

It is called BF1RedMod1.5


This Version makes the sides more balanced and fixes things to be more like the movies, and also adds some new things and fixes some old bugs.

This Verison didn't take anything out of the original just made changes and additions. 
This has all the sides in it, so that is why it is so big, also you do not need Version 1.0 for this to work, just use this one.

The goal:to get people to play Battlefront 1 again.

How to install:
Must have latest BF1 patch.

Unzip, place in sides folder after backing up old files.

Left click on your BF 1 shorcut, click properties, hit find target, then go into data, then sides copy these files into there and say yes to 
replace old files, make sure to back up those originals!

List of Changes:
-The AI use haywires now, watch out.
-The Jettrooper has a sweet new skin, thanks to Sati for the Ep3 head.
-The CLone soldier has a new head, its a Ep3 head with dark red highlights.
-The Anti Armor weapon doesn't lock on to people (though it still can be shot at them), so the game is more balanced.
-The Jedi's Forceblock before had one swipe with the lighsaber, it still has the swipe but it doesn't do anything.
-The Jedi always has forceblock up, since it is the primary weapon, as secondary weapons you have force push, saber attack, and health and ammo dispeners. Again you can't block while attacking, and the AI bots now actually do something as jedi.
-The Darktrooper has droid health so a fusiono cutter heals him.
-All the sides rifles have been tweaked to be different, ex Clone shoots more accurate but not as fast as CIS.
-The Imperial Blaster rifle and Rebel Blaster Rifle have been changed to be a bit different: The Rebel one has less ammo but is more accurate and reloads faster, while the Imperial one shoots faster, has more ammo, but is less accurate.
-When Riding the Kaduu on Naboo Plains you can throw grenades and use a gunganstaff. The staff is the secondary wepon, and you have be right next to an enemy for it to work, and you don't actually see the 
 staff move, but hey it is still fun :).
-Super Battledroid fires the wrist shotgun faster.
-The Rebel Trooper moves faster, trying to get the hit and run perspective.
-Some old and usless files deleted to lower size, still very large though.
-Bowcast fires faster, is more accurate, even when moving, is more powerful, has more in a clip, has one more clip, and has a little more zoom.
-Wookiee has more grenades.
-Halfire shoots 30 missiles at a time instead of 32, only has 30 barrels.
-The STAP goes faster, more like a speeder bike speed.
-AT-AT shots have been lowered in size, are more accurate, but do less splash damage, but can 
 fire 4 shots without reheating, and do tons of building damage, destroys Echo Sheild Generator really fast
 this actually make sHtoh a bit of a challenge wiht teh Rebels, if you watch Battle of Hoth, yuo can see that's what I was basing them off of, not the games version.
-Primary weapon of Wookiee Jedi is now forceblock, so now they can actually cover and protect you if you are a clone, don't worry they still aren't very hard to kill.
-The Bothan got a skin makeover, has all new skins for different worlds thanks to: Teancum & psych0fred.
-The Flamethrower lasts slightly longer.
-Forcepush has a longer range and area of effect, but doesn't do as much harm, use it a lot for pushing droids of the edge of cliffs :).
-MAF takeoff time decreased.
-Droidekia moves faster.
-Rebel Pilot has triple shotgun rounds now.
-Rebel Vanguard has one more missle clip added.
-Ewoks have knifes.
-EMP Launcher has triple round and does vehcile damage.
-Droidekia slightly more accurate when firing and moving.
-Arccaster area range wider, shoots a little faster.
-Laying Timebombs and mines goes really fast now, can lay all 10 timebombs in under 10 seconds.
-Jedi and Wookiees heal slightly faster.
-Heroes have don't have unlimited jumping.
-Genosians don't fly quite so high when they first take off.
-Vehciles with and R2-D2 Units repair faster.
-Wookie Gernade Launcher shoots further.
-The Rebel Vanguard can throw mines, jsut aim up and hit lay mine, use it to throw mines onto vehciles :).
-Timebombs do more damage and hae bigger radius.
-Spider Droid lasers shoots longer.
-Clone Sharpshoot has more two more clips in his carbide.
-All snipers have two zooms, the Rebels and CIS zooms are further though.
-A bug with the Haywire Grenade making bots get out of vechiles has been fixed.
-The CIS rifle shoots more accurate and goes further then the Wrist Blaster, but doesn't fire as quickly.
-Bolt Action Rifle fires a bit faster, is more accurate, even when running, and is more powerful.
-The ShockTrooper Projectile Cannon now fires in bursts, it shoots faster, the shots have been lowered in size, is a bit more accurate too.

Now this is probably the last version that will change anything gameplay/values related.

Since school is starting I couldn't localize or fix some minor bugs, don't worry they don't affect gameplay.
Examples are like how the Burst Rifle can fire when being reloaded, don't worry it is supposed to fire that fast, or how the Wookiee Jedi doesn't have a snow skin.
Those, and localization are stuf i would fix in my final version, but proably not anything gameplay/values related.
But if anyone would like to help me wiht those little things for the final release I would greatly appricate it.

Don't upload this on another site and say it is yours, that's plagerism.

Created by elfwithsword, aka: wookieejedi.

Thanks to Majin Revan for giving out the Bothan skins, anitarmor weapon, and concussion rifle, magnastaff, Delta_57_Dash for the many weapon ideas and, Eisenfausts, and Kyross for the realism ideas.


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