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A very large version of Hoth, with larger, re-worked tunnel systems, 3 more AT-AT's, and a ton of vehicles to go around. If you enjoyed th...


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A very large version of Hoth, with larger, re-worked tunnel systems, 3 more AT-AT's, and a ton of vehicles to go around. If you enjoyed the original Hoth Map, then you are sure to enjoy this. Download now!

Review: This is hot off the press, this map JUST came out, and I JUST got done reviewing it :) The first thing that I am going to say...BIG. We aren't talking a little bit bigger either, I mean, this is full scale. You are litterally going to feel like you are in the movie.

There are plenty more vehicles to go around this time around. I personally think that with a few adjustments, such as a little more scenery and such, this should have been the way that LucasArts built their Hoth Map. You have more trenches, a larger battlefield area, and a....tear...HUGE tunnel system. I got lost on several occasions, so be careful. However, these new tunnels make for some great suprise attacks.

The Rebels have the usual...the Snowspeeder and the Taun Taun. However there are more of each this time. You also have nearly 3 times as many turrets and nearly 4 times as many bunkers. The generator is also set back into a row of mountains now, making it harder for the Imperials to get to it.

The Imperials now have 5 AT-AT's, 6 AT-ST's, and a handful of landspeeders to get around quickly. Believe me will absolutley need to use some skill in order to take the win on Rebels, it's not easy dealing with that much hardware.

Overall, great map. A big bug I the hangar, be advised, if you jump into the repair bay to the left of the Falcon, you will plummet through the bottom of the map and die. It's very weird. I advise the creator to fix this in his next version. Other than that, great job. Enjoy!

*Today's Reviewer* - AndrewD (

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Download 'bighothmap_v2.0.rar' (3.92MB)


Version: 2.0
Made by "dragonum

The Hoth Map can only played at the Galactic Civil War .

This Map was made for Teamwork, thats the only way to win this game!!!

Installation: Copy the folder "dra2" to your "Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/AddOn" directory.

I do the map again, because, in the first version, was a problem, that i cant fix.

Known bugs:
1. Sometimes the bots, do not use the atat`s
2. Sometimes the bots have problems to hit a atat`s with the snowspeeder cable

Please report any bugs and tips to:

Thanks to the guys who helped me to create this map:
Tipps: Psychofred, Saturn_V, Rends, Lord_Bandu
Betatester first version: Jawbone, Rends, Mark Rancire, Jaceen da Corba, Darth Bane and Azkahar for a short Test
Clan Test: BuH-Clan
Betatester second Version: Rends und for short tests, Mark Rancire, BossK and AnTeevY

Also:	           Core for his Website and Forum at
		Guru for his board at

Enjoy, dragonum

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