this is what we have all been waiting for, this little tool allows you to extract images from the game and edit them in .dds format, 3 cheer...


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this is what we have all been waiting for, this little tool allows you to extract images from the game and edit them in .dds format, 3 cheers for the team at gametoast


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BattlefrontViewer, BViewer
This is a test version of the BViewer Texture Extractor. There are still many bugs present so be sure to report
as much as you can so they can be removed. The following is a basic summary of how BViewer works and what
you need to do to get the best results.

Before Running Bviewer you must run and install the VBRuntime file named : vbrun60sp5.exe
This will allow Bviewer to run on your computer.
 Alternatively, you can also download the required file here:
I. Program Overview

BViewer allows you to import any texture from Battlefront and export it to an editable .DDS file format. There are currently
3 different formats that have been found, DXT1, DXT3, and R5G6B6-16 bit. Some textures have multiple levels, called
MIP Maps, which are decreasingly smaller textures used to show different levels of details. Along with these MIP Maps,
some textures are composed of multiple formats, creating two different versions of the texture, most likely for dealing
with different video cards.

II. Program Basics

The use of this program is very easy, all it involves is a simple double click. First, I will describe the various parts of
the program, and their functions. When looking at the program window, the upper-left hand directory window shows the opening
location. You will navigate this to find the .lvl files you want to import. The window directly below this is the actual file
selector. It will show all the .lvl files contained within that directory. To import one of these files, all you have to do is
double click it. Moving to the right, the second Directory window shows the output path. Navigate this path to show where you
want to save your files after import. The two windows below this directory are information windows. They will show various things
at different points of the program. The final window shows each of the textures found within the imported file. This window will
display each of the textures by name once a file has been loaded by double clicking on the selected file in the file selector.
In order to export this file, all you must do is double click it in that window as well.

III. Sample Run

I will now go over how to use the program with a specific example. In this example, I will attempt to extract a file from the
Naboo load screen. First, I open up BViewer and navigate the open directory to my Battlefront install directory. I will then
go to Data\_LVL_PC\Load. Once I get to this directory, the file path window has a list of other .lvl files, including bes1.lvl,
end1.lvl, and nab1.lvl. I want to extract the Naboo galaxy map, so I double click on nab1.lvl. The program will then begin to
analyze the file, and the progress bar will begin to move across the bottom. Once it is finished, a new list of names will appear
in the texture selector window. You will see file_name - start_byte to end_byte. You can ignore the start and end bytes for now,
as they will lose importance once BCompiler is released. I want to extract the galaxy map, so I will first make sure I have the
save directory set where I want the file to go, and then I will double click the texture name. The program will then examine the
file, and you will see the progress as the progress meter changes. Don't rush the program, as there will be at least 2 full bars
of the progress meter as different processes take place. Once the program is done and it reports that a file has been created, in
this case load_galacticmap_0, you can now open and view this .DDs in the save directory.

Feel free to send any feedback, bugs, suggestions to
Be sure to visit for any news or updates to BViewer
Thanks, and May the Force be with You!
--ICQ: 129163638

There are several topics in our forums at . If you want help on any aspect of usage , Bviewer basics,
please check the site, most likely your questions have already been answered there. There will also be Faq available
 for Hex Editing , Modding SWBf, .DDS files and more....Happy Modding!

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