Clone Superiority mod

This mod, despite its name change, is an upgrade of HyperShadowTheHedgehog's "Super Gunship Mod."

As you may remember, the earlier versio...


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This mod, despite its name change, is an upgrade of HyperShadowTheHedgehog's "Super Gunship Mod."

As you may remember, the earlier version of this mod increased the power of the Republic by strengthening the jet trooper and the gunship. This version takes game imbalance to new heights! Every Republic unit has been strengthened, giving them ridiculous weapons like lightsabers and big explosions.

I would stay far, far away from this if you like any semblance of balance in your game, because this will provide none. However, if you enjoy playing as one team for which winning is ridiculously easy, this is the mod for you. Whatever your flavor of nigh-unto-invincible unit is, I'm sure you'll find something to be happy about here.

Sound interesting? Give it a download, and read the readme.


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Super Clone Mod
This is the 1.1 version of my original clone superiority mod. In the original, i mearly increased the power of the gunship.
I have also changed up the jet trooper. In this edition, every republic unit/ship has been changed (I think).

Clone Trooper- Decent amount of Health; Improved Rifle; shoots straight; Does plenty of damage; He has that Clone Arc Caster 
that the pilots used to have. He has some very nice powerful grenades, and a harpoon gun.

Arc Trooper- Lower Health, but just wait until you use his gun. This thing does tons of damage and sends things flying. Don't 
shoot the ground near yourself. He also has a harpoon gun, some mines and some thermal detonators.

Clone Pilot (Well, Jedi Really)- I hated the original clone pilot, so I got rid of it. If your wondering who's face it is on 
the skin, it's mine (albeit, it's a little screwed up). I might have over tweaked the health a bit (that couldn't have anything
to do with my face being on the character, could it?), but I like playing as this guy now. He has force lightening and an 
ultra powerful force push. This is by far the cheaest character in the game. He has force hover (it's like the jetpack, but 
you can't go up or down and if you want to go higher you have to hit it repeatedly). This unit is killable, but it's a touch tricky.

Clone Sniper- I sort of improved his sniper rifle, and at the same time messed it up. It is much straonger and has some effect on ships, 
but the aiming system is screwed up. I put in a better recticule, but now you can't move while zoomed in (I will get approx. 234,562 
complaints about this). He has average health, 10 improved orbital strike droids, and some nice grenades. The sniper rifle's shots do
a bit more damage. 

Clone Jet- Average health; Still has that lightsaber I gave him, but his skin looks much better. He has an emp launcher in his secondary 
weapon, which shoots two bullets (it's not really noticeable though, besides the damage effects). He also has a heck of a lot of thermal 

To play this mod, go into C:program fileslucasartsstar wars battlefrontGamedataData_LVL_PCSide
backup your rep.lvl file
Place the rep.lvl file that u downloaded in there and say yes to replacing it

(Note: To those who can't get maps to work because it says the buffer is full, you need to download a patch later 
than the 1.0. I didn't know this and wasted a lot of time trying to solve map problems. I recommend the 1.3 beta
patch, although the 1.2 is better for online play)

Glitches: There are no glitches that I know of other than the fact that all the modded weapons look like 0x. There is also the issue of how
easy it is to wall hack with a harpoon gun. If you find any major glitches, report them to me.

Version 1.0 (A.K.A. Clone Gunship Mod) -1/27/09 (This was not a very good version, considering I made it in a couple hours and was a noob with moddign at the time)
Version 1.1 (Your Version) -2/5/09 

*Lucasarts, Filefront, and I are not responsible for any damages to your computer and should not be held responsible for any damage that occurs due to this mod.

TO PREVENT OTHER PEOPLE FROM USING IT. I ASK THAT YOU GIVE ME, HyperShadowtheHedgehog credit, and tell me about your mod if you have time.


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