Clone Wars Mod

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"Clone Wars Mod," by GGCTUK, is a simple sides mod that changes, for the most part, appearances only.

This is, of course, for SWBF1. Its intent is to bring the units from Episode III (as seen in Battlefront II) into Battlefront I. This will account for a majority of the changes you see.

However, there are also some smaller gameplay changes with this as well. As mentioned, the Repubic gunship is changed a little, the droideka shield is weakened, and the assault droid comes with a blaster rifle instead of a blaster pistol (making it similar to SWBF2's marine).

It should be mentione that this is apparently just a smaller part of a planned further expansion, so you could treat this like a demo and use it to look forward to whatever the author has planned.




This mod is a prelude to a much larger expansion I hope to do in the future. It is essentially porting Battlefront II models for the Clones, changing skins for the droids and slightly enhancing the gunship. It was created as a test to see if Battlefront II models could be ported over to Battlefront I (which was seen in a port of the BoC space map), but I shall release it as a 'demo' to a much larger whole-game mod.


This side mod is for CIS/Republic only. It turns Republic into 501st, with the space pilot, armed with commando pistol, and changes the gunship too. It changes the CIS droids too, with reorganised skins, lower Droideka shields and the Assault Droid is now armed with a blaster rifle instead of pistol.

Instructions - place in your Data/lvl_pc/SIDES folder. Backup the original REP.LVL and CIS.LVL first.

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