Coruscant: City



Wow! A Coruscant map! Finally! Well, I must say that when I first heard about this map, I was extremely excited!

The moment this map was released, I downloaded it and played it in CW and GCW Eras. This map is beautiful! No other maps have so much new and unique content in it (he modelled just about everything). He even has two armed civilian speeders!

Thie map is very well structured to promoting infantry combat! I had a thrill blasting the crap out of my enemies with well placed grenades. It wasfun hiding behind and on objects and roofs and peeking out to shoot troops too.

I doubt anyone can make as great a Coruscant map than this! It even has Padme's Apartment and Palpatine's Office in it (of course I tried to break the glass and blow Mace Windu out of it).

It also seems that Rends had the support of many prominent mappers/modders from the SWBF community (read the README file).

All in all, this map is great. My only complaints were that I couldn't get to the speeders quickly enough and that Palpatine's Office window cannot be broken.


Download it. Now. There is no reason to dislike it!

- Majin Revan



Version: 1.1
Made by "Rends"

The Coruscant: City map can be played at both eras.

Historical Background:
Clone Wars era: A battle blazes above Coruscant, General Grievous has just made a daring abduction of the Chancellor. The expendable CIS droids used as a distraction have remained on the surface to take whatever they can and cuase whatever damage to Republic Forces Possible. The Clones Must eliminate the droid threat. 

Galactic Civil War era: Rebel Alliance's Recent Victory at Endor Has left the Empire in Disary. The populous in Coruscant is in an Uprising*. However the Imperials have manage to secure the area near the former senate building, where the Imperial Leaders of Coruscant are plotting to subdue the The Rebel Alliance must take this area from imperial Control, and finally completely overthow Imperial Control of Coruscant. 
*As seen at the end of the 1997 and later edition of Return of the Jedi.

Installation: Copy the folder "corus1" to your "Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/AddOn" directory.

Note for Server host: If the map crash while running the Battlefront Server 1.2 software you can solve this by removing the sound folder you find in the corus1/data/_lvl_pc/ directory.

Now let me thanks those people who helped me to create this map (alphabetical order):

Ace_Azzameen for alphatesting and the background story
CGArtist for his great looking skydometexture
Dragonum for research
GT1 Clan for betatest
Lord Bandu and for research and betatesting
Mark Rancire for some great looking skyscraper hulls textures
NiubNiub for the great skyscraperdome and other textures 
Psych0fred who else
Saturn5 for his incredible Speeder Engineeering and bugfixes
and others


You can contact me at:
[email protected]

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