Duulan: Canyon Village

Here's the second version of Ty294's map Duulan: Canyon Village. I've actually never played the original version so I can't really give you...


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Here's the second version of Ty294's map Duulan: Canyon Village. I've actually never played the original version so I can't really give you an idea as to how much the map has been improved, but I'll give you my own impressions of this newer version. The layout of the map is pretty simple and not particularly imaginative. It consists of a wide square-shaped canyon, with the Republic and "Duulan" rebels occupying opposing corners. Aside from the fact that I found the design to be a little boring I also found it to be excessive. Most of the battle takes place right outside of the village where the Duulan rebels have cornered themselves, leaving the rest of the map virtually unused. 

Simply put, there's a lot of wasted space. Even from the nearest Republic CP it still feels like a long walk to the battle, and as soon as you die you have to go back and start over again. I would strongly encourage the author to observe how the map plays out on its own (meaning that the AI should fight alone) and restructure the map so that it has a more "slender fit", so to speak. Personally, I'd at least cut the map size in half and redo the canyons so that they aren't perfectly straight lines. Maybe some of the canyons could even intersect. The village is by far the most interesting and well-done aspect of the map design, so make that the focal point of the map and maybe even consider expanding it further. I'd also reconsider the CP layout because I don't particularly care for that, either. They seem to be clumped together in groups, with said groups lying far from one another. It's just strange. Some additional notes: -I know the author was having problems getting the AT-RT to work. In my opinion, the vehicle is so buggy that I'd just ditch it. It doesn't do much for the map anyway. -There are too many units on the field. Maybe this is to compensate for the size of the map, but if you reduce the map size I think you'll find that you won't need as many units. -The ticket counts are a little high and makes the battle drag, but again this probably correlates with the number of units on the field and the gargantuan map size. -Some units stand around. I don't know if these are hint-nodes at work or what, but my guess is that it's a bug resulting from the high number of units. -Some of the planning paths and barriers need adjusting -- some of the units run into walls and such. 

-The environment is a little boring. It wouldn't hurt to add in some trees, rocks, foliage, or water to sweeten up the visuals. Um... I feel like I should say something nice now. Hm... I like the sides. These are probably the most original-looking "local factions" to be featured in a Battlefront mod. Anyway, I think this map has a lot of potential but it needs a lot of reworking in order to reach that potential. ~Era

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