Eisenfaust's Realism Mod



This is what you could call a total conversion. Its aim is to make the game more "real" as the name already implies.

One Blasterhit kills The Blasterbeams move faster Firing while moving is now vers inaccurate Players wearing a bodyarmor are better protectet but slower The equipment of the classes has been changed to fit better in the Star Wars Universe. The pilots vor example dont have a primary weapon anymore Some Modifications to the vehicles have been done The smallarms-statistics have been adjusted to the known Star Wars statistics Every Weapon needs Ammo and every weapon can overheat



Eisenfausts Reality-Mod Beta 0.8:

1st How to install the mod?
2nd What is the aim of this Mod?
3rd Known Bugs
4th Wie deinstaliere ich die Mod?
5th At the End


1st 	Go to Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/Data/_LVL_PC. Create a backup copy 
of the SIDE folder and unzip the complete
	archive to Battlefront/GameData/Data/_LVL_PC/SIDE.

	optional: Put the folder "hot1" into Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/Addon


2nd	In this mod I try to change Battlefront to become a tactic shooter - So 
you can say this being a reallity mod for
	the Star Wars Universe. More infos can be found in the manual.


3rd	- The T21 is called 0x in game
	- Several other weapon names might be wrong
	- The language in the manuals is terrible


4th	Very simple: Delte the folder SIDE and use your bachup copy instead. 


5.	I think it should be clear that I'm not responsable for any damage to 
your PC, your pets, your family or yourself
	caused by this mod :P
	Questions, critics and so on to [email protected]

	I want to thank [sWr]Johii! - without him this all would not have been 
possible... ;)

	I want to excuse, that the map Hoth: Echo Base won't be working anymore 
when this mod is running!

	But [sWr]Johii! made a version for [sWr]RB which is also works with ERM.

	This should be included in the 7z-file.

	By the way: It wont the mod wont work propably with selfmade maps which 
include their own armies.

Have Fun!

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