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Europa: Bridge

At first, when I saw this file, I thought; "Wait, didn't I just play this map?" Then I realized that it wasn't the same map. In fact, accord...


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At first, when I saw this file, I thought; "Wait, didn't I just play this map?" Then I realized that it wasn't the same map. In fact, according to the author, it's the sequel to his previous Europa map.

The environment is the same as the previous map, black sky and all. Ty294 commented on his previous file, telling me that the black sky is intentional. I'd say hold off on further releases of this map untill you've fixed that sky. It's ugly, and the view distance is really low. It's hard to see much of the map at all.

The focus of the map is a long bridge made up of Bespin objects, spanning a snowy chasm. One team starts on one side and one team starts on the other, with both sides having tanks. (No command vehicles this time) It's a very linear map, but I think that's actually OK in this case. I would prefer some more details on the bridge, such as crates or crashed ships or something, but I like the idea.

I'm undecided on how well gameplay goes. It's almost entirely tank-oriented, so if you're not in a tank you're going to get slaughtered. Also, if you have heroes on, they can be very hard to avoid on a battlefield like this. Despite the problems, I did actually have fun playing this map, though mostly while riding in a tank. Adding cover for infantry would be nice. There's one last flaw I'd like to point out before I wrap things up, and that is the fact that the bots seem to love jumping off the bridge. Or rather, walking off. I'd suggest working a bit more with bot barriers.

That's all. Download away if you want.


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Unzip and place in addon folder.

(This is the sequel to Europa: Ground Assault)

CW story: Dispite heavy resistance from the CIS, the Republic eventually broke through their lines and pushed on toward the large bridge that connected to the CIS base. The CIS was waiting for them.

GCW story: The Rebels slowly withdrew from the overwelming Imperial force to the old bridge connected to the base. As the Imperial troops began crossing they were met with heavy Rebel resistance...

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