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Version three of Ty294's Europa Bridge is essentially the same as the [url=;96633...


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Version three of Ty294's Europa Bridge is essentially the same as the previous version.

Like the previous two iterations, Europa: Bridge is essentially one big bridge suspended over a chasm. It's a mostly straight fight across the bridge, although there are various objects scattered here and there.

Changes from the earlier version are, as the author mentions, pretty minor. The only substantial change is that the sky has actually been given... a sky this time around. Less importantly, the placements of some objects on the bridge were tweaked.

If you liked either of the last two versions, give this one a try.

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Download '' (5.28MB)

Unzip and place in addon folder.

CW story: Dispite heavy resistance from the CIS, the Republic eventually broke through their lines and pushed on toward the large bridge that connected to the CIS base. The CIS was waiting for them.

GCW story: The Rebels slowly withdrew from the overwelming Imperial force to the old bridge connected to the base. As the Imperial troops began crossing they were met with heavy Rebel resistance... 

Version 3 of Europa: Bridge is just a few minor improvements on version 2.0.

-A sky has been added.
-The objects on the bridge have been moved around a little.

Glitches: The ground is to bright on the cliffs. The AI sometimes run off the bridge.

That's about it. Enjoy!

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