Europa: Caves (Gamma Force: Caves)

Europa: Caves (or "Gamma Force: Caves," if you're referencing the [url=;96468...


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Europa: Caves (or "Gamma Force: Caves," if you're referencing the earlier version) is an interior-only map set in a series of caves, made from the original Hoth tunnels.

As with the earlier version, it is entirely Hoth tunnels, although this one has been tweaked slightly so that the caves are more expansive and offer more room for some variety in the battle layout. Additionally, some props have been added to reduce the monotony of the tunnels' homogeneity as well as covering up some of the "holes" in the previous version.

The sides have been changed a little too, with more of a move towards the original units - there's only one custom unit on the Imperial side.

For those of you with keen eyes, you'll also be sure to take note that the author has added a small "easter egg."

For those of you with SWBF1, download and enjoy!


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Download '' (16.73MB)

This is version 2 of Gamma Force: Caves (Now renamed Europa: Caves). 

Here are the changes:

-The Imperial side has been brought down to mostly the shipped units. There is now only 1 custom unit.
-The map is larger, and the tunnels have been rearanged so that the fighting is more spreed out.
-There are a couple crates in the tunnels. But probobly not enough to really notice.
-Most of the 'holes' have been fixed.
-There a little easter egg.

Glitches: In the area where the tunnel goes down you can see that the tunnels don't go together right.


Unzip and place in addon folder.

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