Europa: Ground Assault (2.0)




In the years leading up to the Clone Wars, a Republic survey expedition uncovered ruins from a unknown civilization on the remote ice moon of Europa. A research base was established, from which Republic archeologists and scientists began to excavate and study these relics. It was soon discovered that most of them were of military origin, and featured weapon and armor technologies unlike anything in the known galaxy...

Clone Wars:

At the outbreak of the war, the Republic, fearing the Separatists may attempt to seize the facility and the relics, deployed a Clone garrison to protect the moon and the science base. Undaunted, the CIS launched an invasion with a significant droid army, hoping to secure the artifacts and harness their power. Unable to land close to the base, due to the rough terrain, the Separatist force deployed itself several miles away, and began their approach by land. The Republic had already established some static defenses, and they quickly moved to deploy their land forces to counter the droid threat.

Galactic Civil War:

Many years later, Alexander Grage, a former Republic scientist from the Europa research station, and now an Imperial naval officer, sought to return to the frozen moon and finish what the Republic had started. With the Empire reeling after the disaster at Endor, Grage used the breakdown in the chain-of-command as an opportunity to go rogue and pursue his own agenda. He promptly used his forces to seize control of old Republic base, and open its long sealed entrances. Alliance intelligence eventually learned of Grage's move, and dispatched a force to drive him out before he could effectively weaponize the relics.


God - Because all things are his assets

Are We There Yet? - For glacier ambience. Shout out to their Youtube Channel.

tripider - New Imperial AT-AT Officer

gistech/Giftheck - PS2 Imperial Pistol

Ravensoft - Merr-Sonn Rocket Launcher model and sounds

Ginev - Converted Jedi Knight II/III models, Ice Spire props, misc props and textures

psych0fred - Hovernaut, AT-XT, Speederbike Platform, misc textures, models and assets

Seraja - Backpack Addon (kitbashed into Clone Minelayer)



Extract folder EurGnd to your Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\AddOn folder.

Version 1.1
-Maintains original map design
-Fixed bright terrain bug
-Added AI paths
-Added Instant Action screen video
-Updated sky file
-Various minor tweaks and fixes to polish gameplay

Version 2.0
-Completely new map design
-Features brand new textures, models and sounds
-New units, including the Clone Minelayer, Rebel Medic and Imperial Officer
-New vehicle types, in addition to the models seen in the original map

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