Geonosis : Battlegrounds



A very well done map depicting the battles that took place at Geonosis. MUCH better than the original map. Download it now and see for yourself!

Review: Now in all my time playing Battlefront (since the day it came out :P), I have always noticed that the Geonosis map that comes prepacked with the game is very...how should I put it...DULL. It's fun, but it gets boring really fast.

Well people your solution is here. This map ROCKS. It kicks the orginals REAR END! I was completely impressed, also seeing as this is a beta, that this map has got some AWESOME features.

There are a TON of vehicles and since there are so many AI, they all get used, which makes for an amazing battle, something much more full and detailed. It puts you on the spot and makes you feel like you are right there in the movie! Amazing!

You will have to see the rest for yourself, I can simply easily give this map a great review. The only bugs are a few broken "fallthrough" textures underground in the tunnels, which can easily be fixed in the next version. Thanks for the awesome map, and keep up the great work!

*Todays Reviewer* - AndrewD ([email protected])



Geonosis: Battleground v.2
Created by ruasoh

This is my first map for anything, so please ignore imperfections.  Seeing as this is a beta,
I'm looking for constructive comments, bugs (and if you know how to fix the bug, added bonus!), etc.
send email to [email protected].  I appreciate positive comments and all, but please limit 
emails to problem-related comments.  Thanks for all of your guys help with various questions I had
to get this off the ground.

This map is an open battleground with plenty of vehicles and interesting places to fight on foot

Installation: Extract the GEONOSIS folder and put it in the gamedata/addon folder 

V.2 fixes:
cis soldier paths
Now will automatically select clone wars
minor aesthetic glitches 

I still have terrain problems with the CIS hangar if anyone can/wants to help me fix it...

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