Geonosis: Canyon (Redux)



My first completed map since my "return" to active modding. Geonosis: Canyon is an attempted remake of my very first map, of the same name. This one does not resemble the original in any way though, featuring new, experimental sides and numerous other gameplay features I learned about since my return.

I've been obsessing over every little detail with this map, to a point where I just had to force myself to consider it good enough, so I could get it released and focus on other projects I'm neglecting. That said, if enough feedback shows some glaring bugs or issues, I'll maybe release an update at some later time.

Gameplay Video by wsa30h




Place GeoCan in your Gamedata/Addon folder.


A complete remake of my first ever map of the same name, though it does not resemble the original in any way. 
There is a log of experimental stuff in here, and some doesn't function as well as I'd like.


Several years after the end of the Clone Wars, the former battleground world of Geonosis once again forced its way to the forefront of galactic attention. A hive of rebellous Geonosians, after secretly collecting and reactivating thousands of Separatist battledroids and war machines, had begun restoring their deep underground factories to working order. Imperial agents eventually learned about these activities, but by then the Geonosians had already assembled a significant army, coordinated by a massive droid control mainframe build deep within the planet itself. Their operations no longer secret, the Geonosians lashed-out on the local Imperial Army garrison, quickly slaughtering most of the inexperienced troops. However, one battalion managed to mount an assault on what was believed to be an access point to the mainframe control, but overwhelming droid and local resistance halted this advance. The army unit managed to hold a clearing further up the canyon long enough for reinforcements to arrive; a legion of the Empire's elite Stormtroopers, along with new, top-line equipment. 

It was time for the Empire to make these bugs wish they'd all died mercifully during the Clone Wars...


God			because in the end, all things are his assets
Pysch0fred		for the Vehicle Pad texture and misc. assets and information
Vyse			for the custom sound tutorial
Phobos			for the music tool
Gistech/giftheck 	for the DLT-19s (and OOM Droid (I think))
Sereja 			for the DH-17, Blaster Effects
AQT			for the scaled SBD animations
FragMe! 		for the terrain cutters
WhiskeyTangoFoxX 	for Imperial Officer
tirpider		for Imperial ATAT Commander
DarthD.U.C.K		for Unversal Dead Units
wsa30h			for cross-era sound fix
Anyone I missed		if you find something of yours in here, please let me know and I will update the credits!

And the good folks at SWBFGamers and Gametoast for all the help on various other matters!


This map is optimized for maximum graphic levels only. Playing this map with lower graphics settings will result in a drastic drop-off in visual quality.

There is an Easter egg hidden in plain sight on this map!

Known Bugs:

	*Hangar sometimes does not render, resulting in weird visible holes in the terrain
	*AI sometimes get stuck on objects


2 years ago

Always nice to see people still making maps for BF1. Already downloaded and probably going to play it tonight ♥