Geonosis: Canyon v.

Ty294's "Geonosis: Canyon" is a continuation of the work on his pre...


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Ty294's "Geonosis: Canyon" is a continuation of the work on his previous (and nominally the same) map. It seems like he's taken at least a little of the input about his previous map (always a good habit to get into) and translated it into some changes for the 1.0 version.

The additions include some new vehicles - flyers and speeders, as well as some local Geonosians. Sounds are missing from some of the additions, though, but even soundless additions are a start.

Give it a try if you liked the concept, or if you just really can't find anything new for SWBF1.


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Download '' (2.11MB)

Unzip and place in Addon folder.

Ok here's an attempt to improve on my first Geo Canyon. This time however there are flyers, locals, and speeders. There is some terrian variation this time though not much. And yes it still has the GCW era. 

Glitches: No sound for a number of vehicles and the Geonosians. Help on the forums would be nice!

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