Geonosis Uphill struggle

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This is a first map by Flippy11. Like most first maps it's not particularily exciting or intricate but it was actually better than I expected.

It is very simple with a plain geonosis texture and sky, only the 2 default command posts and a large hill/cliff, on top of which is where the republic starts off. At the bottom is the CIS and what surprised me is that they had an AAT. The clones have no vehicles whatsoever and this throws the match far in favor of the CIS. Though such a simple map doesn't really need any AI planning the bots did sometimes just stand at the bottom of the hil and wait to be shot at.

Could have decoarated it with more items, but I was surprised you already had vehicles and such down. I imagine this was a good learning experience fo future maps, but if you play with a realism mod like Eisenfausts it's more of a slaughter in game. When not seeing how many clones I could squash with my tank in one go I was standing somewhere far off and nuking them as a droideka.

More AI and this would have really been something. And a note to the author, maybe you could put a little more information in the readme or something? If not for the email I wouldn't even have known who sent it.




This is my first map in battlefront so thats why its so simple and it kinda sucks. (I will probaly change a few things then rerelese this map) If you have any suggestions on how to make the map better email me at [email protected]

Extract GeoU and move it in the addon folder.

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