Geonosis: Uphill Struggle



This is the updated version of the Geonosis Uphill struggle. The sides have been switched around now placing CIS on top of the hill. Where CIS had an AAT there is not an IFT, as well as a gunship. CIS, not defenseless have been given 2 STAPs and four turrets, two basic and two AAA(anti aircraft atillery). I don't know if this was deliberate or ot but the clone trooper seems to have been erased from the loadout giving the republic only 4 units to choose from. While it was pretty stable and thoroughly more enjoyable than the last version there was a single error I noticed. Both of the AAA semed to be missing textures, as you will see in the screenshots.




This is an update of my first map. It's still a simple map I have just added a few things like speeder bikes, staps, gunship, IFT-X amd turrets. The Rebels now have a K-Wing. The only thing that's wrong is the AA turrets don't have a skin(don't know why I have allthe MSHs) Contact me @ [email protected]

Extrct GEOU and move it in the addon folder.

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